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Opening the 3-D network view leads to an error message:
'The 3-D network view cannot be opened.'
'An update of the graphic driver might solve the problem.'

Sometimes a different error message is shown:
'Creating compressed texture failed.'

The 3-D network view depends on a current graphics driver, supporting OpenGL.
Not supported issues are expected with:
- Operating systems from Windows 7 downward.
- Older laptops (try to avoid any energy saving graphic card variants and options, sometimes multiple graphic cards are available)
- Remote Desktop (RDP) from Windows 8 downward, try VNC instead.
Recommendation: Even if Windows indicates that the driver is up to date, look for the graphics card name in the web (e.g. on the manufacturer website), compare the driver version numbers and install the current version manually.

Laptops often use multiple graphic cards, but for energy saving reasons not always the most suitable graphic card is assigned to be used.
In case of e.g. NVIDIA graphic cards you can set this up manually:
1) In the Start menu type 'NVIDIA' to open the app 'NVIDIA Control Panel '.
2) Choose 'Manage 3D settings' -> 'Program settings'
3) Via 'Add' choose PTV Visum. This needs to be repeated for every (new) installation.
4) 'Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:' -> 'High-performance NVIDIA processor'