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The background map 'OpenStreetMap (CycleMap)' is shown with the watermark message 'API Key Required'.

The map service 'OpenStreetMap (CycleMap)' is offered by Gravitystorm Limited and needs since July 2017 a user specific API key. For more information please refer to:
and to obtain an API key refer to:

Use the API key in an URL template for a new additional map serice as follows:
Edit -> User preferences -> GUI -> Background map -> Click here to insert a new map service:
Name: (userdefined, for example: thunderforest.com Cyclemap)
Url template: tiles://%SUBDOMAIN%.tile.thunderforest.com/cycle/%TZ%/%TX%/%TY%.png?apikey=ABCD (ABCD is a dummy, replace this by your key)
Subdomains: a,b,c
Projection: Sphere_Mercator / GCS_Sphere