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The map service 'Bing Maps [aerophoto]' or 'OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)' is set as background map but is not shown.

In PTV Visum: Edit graphic parameters -> Background map -> Map service.
The preview returns only the warning:
'Unable to call background map with the current settings.
Background map could not be called by server of the map service used.
Check the parameters of the used map service and your internet connection. The server of the used map service might be temporarily unavailable.'

Inserting static Internet maps (Insert mode -> Backgrounds -> Network editor -> (left mouse button) -> Internet maps) from Bing Maps or Open Street Map fails with:
- 'Tile 1 could not be created, because one or more partial tiles could not be retrieved from the server of the map service.'
- 'Could not create tile 1. Error code: -1011'

The Request.log file holds:
'The requested security package is not available'

The problem only occurs since PTV Visum 17 under Windows 7. Other releases of PTV Visum and PTV Vissim are not affected.
The solution is still in progress and will be released as #18049 in the Release Notes.