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How can I exchange the stop point of a lineroute by COM?
How can I access the time profile item attribute 'Profile point'?

When using the list 'Line route items' the attribute StoppointNo is not editable, because the datamodel forces to maintain all its dependencies.
Instead, the dialog 'Edit line route' offers the attribute 'IsRoutePoint' to remove and add stop points. The checkbox 'Profile point' is not an attribute, but evokes methods to add or remove time profile items.

In COM it is similar:
Removing a stoppoint from a lineroute is simply setting an attribute:
aLineRouteItem.AttValue('IsRoutePoint') = False

Once a new stop point is defined on links or nodes of a lineroute, a corresponding object linerouteitem is created automatically and it only depends of the same attribute of the new linerouteitem to use it:
aLineRouteItem.AttValue('IsRoutePoint') = True

A corresponding timeprofileitem needs to be added separately:
Set aTimeProfileItem = aTimeProfile.AddTimeProfileItem(aLineRouteItem)

Serving it is only a matter of attributes:
aTimeProfileItem.AttValue('Alight') = True
aTimeProfileItem.AttValue('Board') = True