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How can I set a header and footer and print the network editor to PDF by COM?

- Use the class Visum.Net.PrintParameters.PrintFrame.Footer:

Example code:
Dim myPrintFrameFooter As VISUMLIB.IPrintFrameFooter
Dim myPrintFrameFooterCell As VISUMLIB.IPrintFrameFooterCell

Set myPrintFrameFooter = Visum.Net.PrintParameters.PrintFrame.Footer
myPrintFrameFooter.AttValue('TextSize') = 6

Set myPrintFrameFooterCell = Visum.Net.PrintParameters.PrintFrame.Footer.Columns.Item(1).Rows.Item(1)
myPrintFrameFooterCell.AttValue('UserDefinedText') = 'any userdefined string combination'

- Change the standard printer to a PDF printer.

Complete example: