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How can I propagate run and dwell times between links and PuT lines?

- To propagate speeds from Traffic systems onto links, use the link type attributes 'vDefault-PuTSys (..)'. To implement these, you might either set the attribute 'Strict' to True, or use the links' Special function 'Standard values' for 't-PuTSys'.
- To propagate run times from links onto time profile items, use its Special function 'Set run and dwell times'.
- To propagate run times from PuT lines onto links, use its Special function 'Run times of links from run times of lines'.

The Special functions are accessible in the context menu of the respective network objects in the window 'Network', resp. in the dialog 'Multi-edit: Network -> Links/Lines/... -> (Right-click to open the context menu) -> Multi-edit -> Special functions