PTV Visum - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How can I create a Support Package?

1) Open the Windows Start menu and enter: 'Diagnostics'.
Alternatively: Open the directory EXE\ of your PTV Visum installation.
2) Right-click on the matching Diagnostics.exe and select 'Run as administrator'.
The Diagnostics window opens. The Actions tab is shown by default.
3) Click 'Start Visum and use Process Monitor'.
A file selection dialog opens. Process Monitor is available here:
Config files are here:
4) Click 'Open'.
5) If you are experiencing a specific error, then reproduce the error.
6) Close PTV Visum.
7) In the Diagnostics window, click the Support Package tab.
8) Ensure that all diagnostics reports are selected.
9) Press the button 'Create Support Package'.

For any issue regarding the installation of PTV Visum, use the tool Diagnostics to create a Support Package. This is a Zip file holding all relevant files to analyze the issue, but small enough to be sent via the Support form, the Support Portal, or by email.
Note: This tool is installed by the setup for PTV Visum 18.02-08 and later and creates a separate shortcut in the Windows Start menu. If only updates are used, you need to start this tool from the EXE folder.