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How can I import Stops and automatically create a hierarchy of Stops, Stop areas and Stop points?

- If you only have a coordinate list, you can either convert this with a GIS into georeferenced point objects, or create a NET file to read them as Nodes to PTV Visum.
- If the Stops are already available as georeferenced points, you can import them with a Shapefile to PTV Visum as a Nodes.
Then you can integrate these isolated Nodes into the network and at the same time convert them into hierarchies of Stops, Stop areas and Stop points:
- Nodes -> (Right-click to open the context menu -> Aggregate isolated nodes
- Either use the option 'Always as node with stop point' or 'Always just as stop point' because that creates a Stop point (either on the then integrated Node or on the next Link), along with a contiguous Stop area and Stop.
However, if complex hierarchies are needed with multiple Stop points per Stop area and also with multiple Stop areas, these must be edited manually.