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How can I assess pollution/noise emissions?
What is the difference between the Procedures RLS '90 and HBEFA?
Can these procedures be used outside of Europe?

1) Environmental impact model (add-on Noise emission RLS '90):
- covers the procedures Noise-Emis-RIs90, Noise-Emis-Nordic and Pollution-Emis.
- based upon emission factors of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.
- calculation based upon volume values for cars and HGV.
- displayed only as link cross section values.
- the parameter files are outdated, cover only the years 1990, 1992 and 2000.
- only this module is capable of noise calculations.

An example is not available.

2) Emission calculation according to HBEFA 3.3 (add-on HBEFA):
- based upon emission factors of the Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport 3.1, see http://www.hbefa.net/e/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.hbefa.net/e/index.html
- calculation based upon volume values for cars/PC, LDV, HDV and motorcycles.
- displayed by link, by territory or network-wide.
- the version HBEFA 3.3 available in PTV Visum dates from April 2017 and provides (apart from generic emission factors) also average emission factors for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and France. (http://www.hbefa.net/e/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.hbefa.net/e/index.html)
- contains historic and projected fleet compositions (shares of different vehicle types) for different years and countries as defined in HBEFA.
- allows to define custom fleet compositions.
- allows to estimate cold start emissions based on origin traffic of zones.
- covers only pollutant emissions and fuel consumption, no noise.

An example is provided in:
c:\Users\Public\Documents\PTV Vision\PTV Visum 2020\Examples\HBEFA_Emissions\

Note also:

For more details see the following manual chapters:
10 Environmental impact model and HBEFA
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