• The software developer kit for all logistical and geographical applications

    PTV xServer offers state-of-the-art software components that solve logistics and transportation challenges effectively, efficiently and optimally. Integrate exactly the functions into your logistics software you need to boost its performance or combine several software components to build a solution tailored to your needs. PTV xServer covers a wide variety of use cases and can be applied to tackle diverse challenges.


Which challenge can we support you with?

  • Algorithms for an efficient journey
    Truck Routing<
    Truck Routing

    Calculate optimal truck routes that take driving and rest times, tolls, emissions and other truck-specific information into account.

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  • Solving complex routing problems
    Route Optimisation & Scheduling<
    Route Optimisation & Scheduling

    Plan and optimise routes and schedules and optimise cargo loadings to ensure an optimal utilisation of your vehicle fleet.

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  • Optimal use of sales & field service
    Field Service Management<
    Field Service Management

    Define ideal locations, sales and distribution areas and optimise the utilisation of your sales and service staff.

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  • Latest content for excellent results
    Digital Maps & Data<
    Digital Maps & Data

    Integrate our market-leading digital maps and comprehensive market and traffic data to deliver excellent results in routing and scheduling.

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  • Enhance your software solution
    Services & Apps<
    Services & Apps

    Make use of services like the Business Connector with SAP©, Truck Parking Europe, PTV Navigator and PTV Drive&Arrive. 

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  • Use logistics optimisation software to increase your profitability and competitive advantage

    PTV xServer solves strategic and operational problems from order entry to delivery. Whether you want to automate transportation planning, reduce freight costs, improve transportation management or maximise resource utilisation: PTV xServer helps you to achieve these objectives, optimise your entire supply chain and thus increase your profitability and competitive viability in the long term.

  • Extend your existing software solution with specific logistical and geographical functions

    As a software development kit (SDK), PTV xServer offers transport companies and freight forwarders software components and interfaces (APIs) that solve logistical and geographical problems. Our APIs can be easily integrated into your transport management system. This way, you expand your existing logistics software with high-performance methods and functions and quickly gain the acceptance of system users, who can continue working on their familiar interface.