• Intelligent algorithms for solving complex optimisation problems in logistics and transport

    One vehicle, five orders - even in this seemingly simple situation, 120 different options are available to execute all orders. The complexity of the optimisation task increases rapidly as soon as more vehicles and orders are added, truck attributes and time restrictions should be considered, and different objectives have to be weighed up against each other. PTV xServer offers intelligent methods and algorithms that support you in solving even the most complex logistical challenges efficiently. And what’s more: PTV xServer is the most effective software for dynamic route optimisation worldwide. This means that reoccurring traffic patterns (e.g. rush hours) as well as predictable construction sites are already factored into the route planning.


Route optimisation and scheduling at a glance

  • Optimise existing routes
  • PTV xServer enables you to identify potential for improvement of routes that you execute regularly and increase transport efficiency.

  • Traffic patterns & restrictions
  • Consider traffic patterns as well as restrictions such as delivery windows and rush orders.

  • Loading plan
  • Determine how to load your vehicles to save time during loading and unloading.

  • Live dispatching
  • Accidents, last-minute orders, cancellations: Intervene manually if plans change spontaneously.

  • Arrival time
  • Calculate exact times of arrival and flexibly reschedule if delays occur.

  • Optimise your entire logistics chain - from planning to delivery

    Cover all steps of route optimisation and scheduling with PTV xServer and ensure that the routes calculated on your screen are also the best option on the road:

    • Determine the ideal order of stops and calculate optimal routes
    • Take traffic patterns and ongoing construction into account
    • Consider external factors such as opening hours of ramps
    • React to current traffic conditions thanks to real-time traffic data
    • Monitor your fleet thanks to GPS tracking
    • Intervene manually in case of accidents, last-minute orders and cancellations thanks to live dispatching
  • Ensure maximum use of your available capacities

    With PTV xServer you maximise the utilisation of your fleet and optimise the loading of your vehicles. PTV xServer supports you in combining pick-ups and deliveries in a smart way, making maximum use of available loading meters and evenly utilising your vehicles. This increases the profitability of every journey and thereby of all your logistics processes.

  • Integrate our components for fleet planning and scheduling seamlessly into existing systems

    PTV xServer offers the knowledge of four decades of transport planning in a state-of-the-art software development kit (SDK). Flexible programming interfaces (APIs) enable the seamless integration of specific functionalities into your own system landscape. 


Full software solution instead of flexible software components?

  • Are you rather interested in a complete solution for fleet planning and scheduling? Why don't you have a look at our software solution PTV Route Optimiser. PTV Route Optimiser enables you to plan tours quickly and efficiently, all while making optimum use of your resources.