• Flexible and high-performance software components for an efficient and safe journey

    Minimising mileage, reducing freight costs, using vehicles and drivers efficiently: Optimal truck routing is indispensable for efficient logistics processes and, ultimately, the profitability and viability of your company. Thanks to standardised APIs, the PTV xServer software components can be integrated flexibly into existing transport management systems and support you in solving even the most complex optimisation problems quickly and precisely.


Truck routing at a glance

  • Route calculation
  • Calculate the most efficient route that minimises mileage at the push of a button.

  • Truck restrictions
  • Make sure that the selected route is suitable for your vehicles and takes truck-specific restrictions into account.

  • Freight costs
  • Choose the route that minimises your toll, personnel and vehicle costs.

  • Arrival time
  • Calculate exact arrival times, be informed when your vehicles reach their destination and flexibly reschedule if necessary.

  • Priorities
  • Choose the route that best suits your priorities.

  • Increase the efficiency of your logistics by calculating optimal truck routes with minimum effort

    When planning truck routes, special requirements and restrictions such as truck tolls and environmental zones need to be considered. Otherwise, detours, delays and increased transport costs occur. With PTV xServer you can be sure that your vehicles are always on the most efficient and safe route. Our algorithms provide optimal solutions to complex problems at the push of a button. Thereby, you save valuable time planning routes and processing orders.

  • Benefit from maximum transparency and reliability through truck monitoring and exact ETA calculation

    Increase the reliability and robustness of your ETA calculation and communicate even more precise delivery windows to your customers thanks to PTV xServer. Simply equip your vehicles with a GPS tracking system and integrate our tracking component into your logistics software to retrace the routes your fleet takes (read more about fleet tracking). By integrating our real-time component PTV Drive&Arrive, you know when your vehicles will reach their destination (Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA for short).

  • Identify the cost drivers in your logistics chain and reduce your transport costs

    PTV xServer enables you to keep an overview of all transport costs – vehicle and personnel costs as well as truck tolls in Europe and the United States. This way, you identify the cost drivers in your logistics processes, ensure that your costs are covered on every trip and reduce your transport costs.

  • Integrate our software components seamlessly and quickly into your existing software architecture

    PTV xServer leverages the experience of four decades of transport planning in a high-performance software development kit (SDK). It offers a variety of methods and algorithms that solve highly complex geographical and logistical challenges quickly and precisely. The functions are provided as flexible programming interfaces (APIs) and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software system.


Full software solution instead of flexible software components?

  • Are you rather interested in a complete solution for truck route planning? Why don't you have a look at our software solution PTV Map&Guide! With 55,000 satisfied customers, PTV Map&Guide is the industry standard for route planning and offers detailed route calculation under consideration of truck restrictions, quick and easy fleet scheduling and exact toll calculation.