Alternative Base Map Styles

  • PTV xServer internet supports the basic map display with the alternative styles "silkysand" and "sandbox". They can be accessed with the standard xMapServer-API, the WMS-API or the Tile-API. You can switch between the different styles on this demo site

Points Of Interest

  • Points of Interest (POIs) are locations like restaurants or gas stations. Points of Interest can be displayed on top of the base map, together with some descriptive text information. A sample in JavaScript shows how to display them with popup tooltips. POIs can also be used in xLocate and xRoute for a nearest- or corridor-search.

Truck Attributes

  • Truck Attributes provide additional tags on road segments for trucks, for example height restrictions or restrictions for hazardous goods. You can display truck attributes on the map, together with the detailed attribute information. Truck attributes can be viewed as additional layer on this demo site

Traffic Information

  • The traffic information layer displays the current traffic incidents. This sample displays the layer with the current traffic situation. Traffic incidents can also be applied to a route calculation for xRoute Server.

Feature Layer

  • FeatureLayer provides a generic mechanism to enrich the road network with additional tags. Currently PTV xServer internet supports speed patterns and truck restriction zones as FeatureLayer. This sample shows how these layers affect the route calculation.