• PTV xServer internet status and redundency

    PTV xServer internet status page

    To get an overview about the status on our PTV xServer internet map clusters, we introduced a status page where you can see the actual status of the systems.



    Geo-redundent fallback for PTV xServer API Version 2

    Routed URL

    Our PTV xServer cluster with API Version 2 is designed with geo-redundency. That means that there are equal systems hosted in Europe and in the US. Even if a complete PTV xServer data center would go down, the requests will be automatically routed to a data center in another region, when using the routed URL.

    Routed URL: https://xserver2.cloud.ptvgroup.com/dashboard/Default.htm

    Be aware, that is only possible for request without perstistant data on the data center.

    Data center URL

    For stateful PTV xServer tasks with perstistant data you need to use the data center URL:

    Datacenter Europe: https://xserver2-eu.cloud.ptvgroup.com/dashboard/Default.htm

    Datacenter US: https://xserver2-us.cloud.ptvgroup.com/dashboard/Default.htm

    Stateful tasks are functions that involve multiple requests that need all to be executed on the same data center. For PTV xServer internet these are job requests (start/fetchCalculateTour) and all xTour-request, as xTour needs pre-calculated distance matrices that are re-used throughout multiple requests.

    You can set the data center URL within you application. In case of an outage or incident on your current data center you can temporarily change the data center to maintain productive operation.


    Fallback for PTV xServer with API Version 1

    For API Version 1 we don´t have an automatic fallback, but it is possible to connect to another map cluster in case of an incident.

    That is possible for customers using the PTV Europe City Map [TomTom] with API version 1.

    In case of an incident customers can change the URL from

    PTV Europe City Map [TomTom] with API version 1 https://xmap-eu-n.cloud.ptvgroup.com/


    PTV World City Map [TomTom] with API version 1 https://api.cloud.ptvgroup.com/

    But be aware that this change has to be implemented before, because the PTV World City Map [TomTom] serves the PTV xServer bundle, while the PTV Europe City Map [TomTom] serves the PTV xServer modules individually.

    In addition to that there are some functional differences on the PTV World City Map [TomTom]:

    • HPR profiles are not supported
    • Geocoding results may be different, because the whole world is searched and not only Europe
    • Performance might be slower than on the Europe map, because of the bigger map data