PTV Drive&Arrive API for PTV xServer

Connecting the transportation chain with a reliable ETA

  • Calculating the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of trucks at their destination creates a benefit for all stakeholders of the transportation chain – from shipper, to haulier, to ramp operator (yard or transport manager). It keeps them up-to-date on delays and expected arrival times. Thereby, it enables them to intervene in case of disruptions, plan resources accordingly and reduce idle times. This results in more efficiency for everyone: Ramp operators know when to expect incoming transports and are able to ensure an efficient and balanced use of their resources, hauliers reduce long and unproductive waiting times at ramps, and shippers avoid contractual penalties, while maintaining a high service quality.

  • Boost supply chain resilience and operational excellence with PTV Drive&Arrive API

    The PTV Drive&Arrive API calculates the ETA based on tour information logged in the haulier’s transport management software in combination with the truck's position data (for example collected by the PTV Driver App, available for Android or iOs). In addition, the PTV Drive&Arrive API makes position and arrival information available to all stakeholders of the transportation chain. Offered as part of the PTV xServer Developer Kit, the PTV Drive&Arrive API can be integrated into most transport, fleet, yard and dock management software solutions easily and quickly.

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    • Reliable ETA calculation

      PTV Drive&Arrive calculates the ETA based on tour information and position data as well as traffic information and all truck-relevant attributes and restrictions.

    • Comprehensive data hub

      PTV Drive&Arrive bundles position data from the PTV Driver App and other telematics solutions and makes it available to all stakeholders in the transportation chain.

    • Easy and quick integration

      PTV Drive&Arrive comes with a RESTful JSON API that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure to enrich it with ETA relevant features.