Field Service Management API by PTV xServer

Why is field planning essential?

  • Determine the ideal location of your next branch, depot or distribution office. Cluster sales and distribution territories that facilitate efficiency. Plan customer visits in a way that minimise driving times: As many different scenarios are possible, solving these optimisation problems is challenging. PTV xServer helps balancing the different factors to find the optimum solution.

    The PTV xServer Field Service Management API is a software developer component, available as a cloud-based service or an on-premise solution. Due to its standardised interface, the component can be easily integrated into an existing field management architecture.

    • Ensure your field staff spends most of their time with your customers

      Create visit plans that consider all relevant restrictions, customer requests and visit frequencies. Receive exact daily and weekly schedules, optimised to reduce your employees’ driving times.

    • Plan optimal locations

      Plan depots, branches and offices that are optimally located based on your customers’ location or determine the accessibility based on spatial and temporal distances around your existing location.

  • Make the best use of your sales resources with smart territorial planning

    The PTV xServer Field Service Management API determines the optimal number and distribution of sales territories for you. It factors in sales potential, turnover, number of customers and employee workload and suggests balanced sales territories. Additionally, the API allows you to include framework criteria like existing customer relationships, area size and residential locations of the sales resources. Even natural barriers like mountains, lakes and rivers without bridges or adequate road connection can be considered by using the underlying road network.

  • Field Service Management API Documentation

    API Version 1 is our established solution that is widely used in the market. Your company has been a customer for a while and hasn’t switched APIs recently? Then you’re most likely interested in the documentation on API Version 1  

    If you want to see integration samples, you can check them out in the xServer API Version 1 Code Sample Browser.


    API Version 2 is the future of PTV xServer as it’s designed in a completely new framework. It is easier to understand and as a programmer, you will benefit from improved flexibility and consistency. If your company recently integrated PTV xServer into their software solution, is still in the middle of it or is planning an integration soon, you should look at API Version 2