• Why you should work with the PTV xServer Business Connector for use with SAP©

    The PTV xServer Business Connector is the right tool for you if you want to:

    • enhance your SAP-based software system with geographical and logistical functionalities, all while
    • keeping installation and configuration time at a minimum,
    • mitigating risk of failure, and
    • considerably reducing implementation costs.

    Integrating the PTV xServer software components into SAP environments such as SAP ERP and SAP TM can easily take a skilled developer a few days. The Business Connector for use with SAP cuts down development efforts considerably and reduces the risk of failure. Both installation and configuration are typically done within less than one day - for on-premise or cloud-based solutions. For you, this leads to significant cost savings.

    Moreover, as part of your contract, you receive professional guidance during the integration process as well as ongoing maintenance. We are here for you whenever you need us - with our worldwide support 24/7.

    • Use cases

      • Master database cleansing and address verification
      • Routing & scheduling
      • Calculation of transport costs
      • ETA calculation for lane transports and long-haul trucking
      • Invoicing
    • Benefits

      • Seamless integration of geographical and logistical functionalities into SAP systems
      • Less development effort and significant cost savings
      • Optimal connectivity both as on-premise or cloud solution
      • Outstanding service support (24/7) worldwide and professional consultation
      • Compatibility between PTV xServer and SAP NetWeaver versions and minimised risks for future enhancements

How does the PTV xServer Business Connector for use with SAP© work?

  • The PTV xServer Business Connector is designed in two tiers: A developer kit and out-of-the-box solutions.

    The developer kit forms the foundation of the out-of-the-box solutions realised as a SAP SDK for ABAP development. In other words, the PTV xServer APIs are transformed into SAP ABAP by using the SAP NetWeaver environment. The APIs are modularly designed and can easily be orchestrated for geocoding, routing and optimisation applications such as address qualification, ETA and cost calculations and optimisation services for fleet or field service management.

    Out-of-the-box solutions help implement a performant routing service in SAP ERP and SAP TM embedded in each individual supply and process chain.

  • How does the PTV xServer Business Connector for use with SAP© visualise routes?

    The PTV xServer Business Connector offers the Shipment Planner, a routing cockpit specifically designed for SAP ERP systems. It enables users to clearly visualise delivery stops, calculate routes and determine related toll costs and emissions. Thanks to real-time visualisation, transport managers can easily identify each trip by adding the incoming shipments. Exact distances, travel times and costs can be computed and provided for any reporting considering a bundle of legal and physical restrictions such as live traffic incidents, vehicle-specific profiles or attributes.