PTV Partnerprogramm

    • Attractive partner conditions
    • Free trial licenses of other PTV products
    • Joint sales initiatives
    • Your company logo and portrait on our partner site
    • Presentation of your implemented PTV solution, e.g. in the form of a reference report
    • Access to PTV marketing materials

    Whether you are a logistics service provider, a system and consulting company or a product reseller: We have a suitable offer for you.

Logistics Software

  • From map display to complex route optimisation, our software extends and boosts the performance of your systems.

    Your added value:

    • Geographical and logistical developer components for your planning tasks
    • Standardised calculation of arrival time
    • Professional truck navigation for your mobile devices
    • Professional route planning as a supplement or fully integrated into your solution

Telematics Services

  • Gain a competitive advantage over other card providers thanks to precise map material.

    Your added value:

    • PTV Map&Guide map material as a developer component
    • Professional truck navigation
    • Guided Navigation
    •  Standardised calculation of the expected arrival time

Master Data Management

  • By exact geocoding and address verification you ensure perfect master data and address quality.

    Your added value:

    • Exact geocoding
    • Standardised address verification based on PTV map material
    • Fast distance calculation
    • Realistic assessment of the current situation

Sales Force & Service Technicians

  • Optimised resource planning thanks to sophisticated algorithms - within seconds.

    Your added value:

    • Geographical software components for optimal operational resource planning
    • From visualisation to complex route optimisation
    • Territory planning and tactical route planning
    • More time with the customer, less time on the road

Systems and Consulting Companies

  • PTV solutions provide added value to projects with a geographical focus or planning task.

    Your added value:

    • Geographical developer components
    • Business Navigation, also available as software development kit
    • Standardised services
    • Geographical data

Product Resellers

  • Expand your product portfolio: Offer your customers professional logistics software.

    Your added value: