Our partners and customers

More than 5,000 customers worldwide work with the PTV xServer software components. Read more about some of them here.

  • Abat AG is an international SAP service and product provider, focusing on the automotive, discrete manufacturing and the logistics sectors. With more than 400 employees in Germany, Belarus, Mexico and the USA, the company, which was founded in 1998 as an act GmbH and was renamed abat AG in 2001, generates annual sales of over 40 million euros.


  • AEB is a corporation for the development of industrial software, Swabian understatement with global ambitions, openness to customers, partners and employees - and a philosophy that has very practical implications. These are the conditions under which AEB has successfully operated for almost 30 years.
    With more than 999 installations of the product series ASSIST4, ATC :: and XPRESS, AEB is among the leading software providers in the area of shipping, logistics and foreign trade. Expert advice on SCM, customs clearance, organisational planning, compliance and risk management are not secondary activities - they are key factors for the success and value-added services for customers of AEB.


  • AKANEA Développement has been producing software packages for over 25 years, and offers management solutions for firms in two areas of activity – the agri-food sector and supply-chain companies: manufacturers, national and international transport, customs and logistics companies. With more than 1,200 clients and 16,000 users, AKANEA Développement stands out due to the functional fertility of its solutions, its ability to equip very small firms as well as international groups and the constant innovation of its software packages.

    AKANEA Développement had a turnover of 17.5 million euros in 2013 and has a payroll of 160 people in three sites, Paris, Lyon and Toulouse, and several technical and marketing centres in different regions of France (Brittany, Normandy, Picardy and Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur) for proximity to clients.


  • AlyaCom is an innovative company specialising in mobile remote management and web service technologies for professional mobile teams (consultants, mobile medical and paramedical teams, technical teams, etc.).

    AlyaCom provides mobile remote management applications tailored to many different business lines – services for individuals, healthcare assistants, paramedical and medical care, delivery, technicians.

    The innovations include mapping systems and round planning that operate in real time with the mobile remote management.

    The mobile remote management systems have advanced functions: dynamic planning, automatic reporting, geo-applications, real-time messaging, traceability using NFC or QR codes, security.

    Thanks to the new mobile solutions for remote health management and remote monitoring, chronic patients and people recently discharged from hospital can be followed at home.


  • As software developers, AndSoft has focused its efforts on facilitating, optimising and improving productivity and competitiveness of transport companies and logistics operators since 1996. Their e-TMS® and global ERP for the management of companies in the goods transportation sector, in all its forms, has been and is the trendsetter among the sector's web solutions. With locations in 14 European countries, the software now has more than 4,000 users among their clients and is responsible for coordinating, managing, planning and analysing more than 15,000 vehicles by integrating with many of the major geolocation companies in the market.


  • With ASS_Mobile Service, ass.tec provides a platform for mobile business. Specifically designed for the mobile service field, ASS_Mobile Service offers the most technologically advanced platform for mobile business process scenarios (after sales and maintenance).
    The solution is specifically designed for integration with SAP® ERP and CRM, but can also be connected to other non-SAP® back-end systems. As a stand-alone solution even without ERP integration, ASS_Mobile Service supports active service operation after only a few days.


  • ATHOS has developed and implemented IT processes for virtually all tasks and application requirements for municipal and private waste and waste management since 1986. ATHOS provides the market with two product lines with different application priorities, which can be used independently or coupled as needed.


  • BNS provides a logistics software and transportation management system developed especially to help you excel. `Enabling excellence´ stands for BNS` defined will to help logistics companies perform excellently.

    BNS provides the integrated software solution that optimally combines all information processes in your company and makes them transparent. Not only transportation management systems, but also warehouse management – BNS always have the right solution for you. The BNS corporation is a pioneer for several technical innovations and the inventor of on-screen disposition. 

    BNS have been in the logistics industry for more than 20 years and therefore know the requirements of information management. The BNS-Team knows that customers are involved in a market which is continuously becoming more competitive and where the main skills are speed, reliability and price transparency. This is exactly the focus of BNS transportation management system and logistics software.


  • For more than 20 years, C-Informationssysteme GmbH in Wurzen (Saxony) has stood for high-performance software products in transport and logistics. C-Logistic and C-Sped are software solutions of the company that have proven themselves in many well-known companies.
    C-Logistic is the central logistics software for transportation management, route planning, fleet management and warehousing. The integration of complementary solutions and a variety of communication with external systems increase the high performance of the complete system. In addition to a high demand for technical progress, equal attention is paid to the user's perspective as well as high reliability.
    Close and long-term partnerships with users and educational institutions form the basis for practical product development. The wide range of application and benefits achieved for customers is simultaneously the driving force for the continuous development of our company.


  • As independent systems supplier, c-trace provides integrated concepts for the waste disposal industry. This includes developing and implementing systems for identifying and weighing waste disposal vehicles together with modular software solutions for managing customer master data and the emptying of bins as well as for calculating tariffs.

    The c-trace software applications use PTV map material to display the emptying of bins, bin locations, waste disposal routes and vehicle data (FMS) by means of GPS coordinates. In addition, the PTV tools are implemented for planning and optimising  waste disposal trips.

    The company's range of services also includes distributing bins, project support for municipal waste management, ASP solutions, after-sales service and hotline support.

    Clients of c-trace benefit from tailor-made solutions and comprehensive support throughout all phases of their projects.


  • For more than 10 years, CAPcargo has been pursuing the notion that the seamless integration of a software solution for the transport and logistics industry within an ERP environment creates tangible benefits. ERP for the logistics industry is a thorough conviction for the company. In the meantime, it has proved this with the fourth major release under Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Driven by technical excellence, CAPcargo realizes client and market requirements in products and projects to the very end. The profound understanding of processes in the logistics industry and the economic context of a client business are essential pillars in this respect.

    The evaluation, procurement and implementation of a new software solution is a fundamental investment for many years. Along this journey, they support their clients with a long-term mindset. Their virtues are honest communication, continuity, openness and flexibility wrapped up with a good deal of perseverance are the backbone to work out the best solution for every customer.


  • With the logistic software cargo support dispo the software and It systems house cargo support especially aims at services, industrial and commercial companies, who understand the transport of goods as a strategic task. From quotation over disposition to billing, the transport management system cargo support dispo continuously supports the entire process. The basic software is also available as a specific solution for heavy duty, container and regular services and can be extended with modules. cargo support cost accounting shows, when a job becomes profitable, cargo support archive facilitates document management, cargo support route planning optimizes tour planning and checks the fleet status. cargo support tacho makes archiving and evaluating driver data easy and cargo support mobil improves the communication with the driver. With MAXFLEX cargo support provides a reasonable priced rental variant of its proven software solution cargo support dispo.


  • ClickSoftware is the market leader in automated workforce management and optimisation solutions for service companies of all sizes. The solution portfolio is available as on-demand and on-premise models and increases the corporate value of service organisations through increased productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as improved operational efficiency. The patented concept of 'continuous planning and operational coordination' takes into account the forecasting of customer demand, short-term and long-term capacity planning, shift planning, real-time scheduling, mobility and location-based services, as well as on-going communication with the customers on the expected arrival time of service employees.


  • CofiSoft has been designing, editing and marketing management solutions since 1977.

    ACS is a management solution targeted at the road freight transport sector which aims, above all, to improve productivity and profit margins.

    Simple and ergonomic, ACS adapts to suit the companies which adopt it and the whole range of professions within the road transport sector. It is suitable both for SMEs and micro-enterprises.

    More than 2,000 companies use the ACS range, 38% of CofiSoft's profits are invested in R&D, 65,000 transport invoices are edited each month with ACS TRANS, 18,000 payslips or payslip annexes are created monthly using ACS DISK & ACS PAIE, 6,000 drivers receive orders to their on-board computer systems from ACS PLANNING.

    Above all, CofiSoft is a team of transport management specialists, there to help our users.


  • Founded in 1978, Computer Steiner GmbH was one of the first computer and hardware dealers in Austria. At that time, we also started developing software solutions for different branches. After a short period of time, we were able to offer software for almost 20 different branches. Out of this wide portfolio, we have specialised in the following two industries over the years, which we serve very successfully today:

    • Transport & Logistics
    • Bus Tour Operators & Touristic Organisations

    Our software is designed on a modular base, which means that even the basic version offers a wide range of functions needed in daily business. Of course, the software can be upgraded by both – standard modules and individual-made enhancements, which fit especially fit your company’s needs. Your investment for the future – individual performance for your business. Our customised software solutions are designed to meet your individual needs and grow with your business.

    www.computer-steiner.com (DE)

  • The COS GmbH is a software and consulting company with high-performance IT solutions for logistics, fleet maintenance and workshops. The focus here is route planning, scheduling, logistics controlling, telematics solutions as well as modern depot management.
    The 32 consultants, software developers and service staff of COS are committed to about 740 customers in the areas of transportation, industry, retail, services, public administration and public transport.


  • The CSD Management Consulting GmbH has successfully specialized in software consulting and outsourcing services in the areas of e-business, e-commerce and client/server solutions.

    In addition to implementing turnkey software, CSD provides a variety of services ranging from consulting and analysis to design and software maintenance and various levels of support - individually tailored service for each customer.
    The TransWare0ne® transport management system is a standard software package for carriers, shippers, retailers and manufacturing businesses, which includes all logistics and transport activities.
    In 2007, the service offering of the CSD business group impressed the jury of the Schenker Innovation Award enough to declare it first place.


  • The Data Consult Systemhaus GmbH develops custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries, for example, the plastics industry, logistics companies and the tourism wholesalers. The service portfolio ranges from integration in existing IT landscapes to creation of entirely new systems. With its ASTrO forwarding solution, Data Consult offers a logistics system that is modular, and easy to integrate and expand.


  • e-switch Solutions bietet mobile Lösungen im Bereich Service u. Instandhaltung im SAP-Umfeld. Das Leistungsspektrum reicht von der individuellen Prozessberatung, der schnellen Implementierung bis zur Inbetriebnahme und Betreuung. Lösungen für die effiziente Einsatzplanung und mobile Applikationen unterstützen den Techniker am Einsatzort über die gesamte Prozesskette hinweg.

    Im Vordergrund steht die Plattformunabhängigkeit. Unterstützt werden Windows, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS und BlackBerry. Über unsere schnelle, hochverfügbare Middleware wird die Verbindung zum SAP-System sichergestellt.

    Die Kunden von e-switch Solutions profitieren von einer schnellen und flexiblen Einführung mobiler Prozesse und deren Integration in die Backend-Systeme.


  • Ehrhardt + Partner is one of the leading international experts in warehouse logistics. Founded by Hermann Ehrhardt in 1987, E+P has grown to become a group of companies operating internationally, with more than 250 employees working at six different sites.

    Currently, the company's solutions are successfully in use on five continents. The product range offered by the E+P Group encompasses the LFS warehouse management system, warehouse planning and consulting, Pick-by-Voice, as well as radio data transmission solutions, material flow controllers, route management, tailored customer-specific solutions, hosting, cloud and EDI solutions and warehouse training sessions and seminars. The company's well-established warehousing advice, its broad expert knowledge in the area of warehouse logistics, its professional project management, short project duration times, on-time commissioning and its reliable support are all met with appreciation by over 400 customers worldwide.


  • EUREKA Technology was established in 2002 as an editor for the software Express, which is intended for transport companies involved in the express transportation market, racing and regular tours.

    With 20 years of experience in racing, and more broadly in transport, the company management has practical knowledge of the transport sector and in tackling the big issues. It also has a strong basis in IT, telecoms and internet.

    Since it was established, EUREKA Technology has grown around the concept of technology convergence, offering its customers technical know-how in IT development and nomadic technologies in addition to its expertise in the transport business.

    Dispatch, the software suite developed within the latest technologies such as Microsoft.Net and Web 2.0, is the most interactive transport software on the market and the best at communicating.


  • Evolution Algorithms was founded in 2005 with the corporate mission to develop and implement route optimisation systems. More than 10 years of experience in solving complex problems resulted in Evolution Algorithms quickly becoming one of the most important consulting firms for this sector in Spain with an impressive list of references.

    Evolution Algorithms' "Logisplan" is powerful optimisation software, which is sold in two versions. "Logisplan Professional" is a solution for small and medium-sized companies for optimising distribution and visit journeys. "Logisplan Advance" is a comprehensive software package that is adapted directly by Evolution Algorithms or its authorized partners to meet the individual needs of the customer - regardless of industry or business focus.


  • GateHouse is a software company with more than 20 years of extensive experience within tracking and monitoring. GateHouse has developed the tracking and consolidation platform ghTrack, which is widely used as the basis for remarkable automations and process optimizations in the transport sector.

    ghTrack offers a variety of functionalities such as better overview of total fleet, tracking of subcontractors and automatic settlement of hauliers. The business model is characterized by pay-per-use and flexibility enabled by hardware and software independence. ghTrack can easily be integrated with the individual customers TMS/SCM/ERP solution and any telematics system used in own or subcontracted transports.

    As of February 2015 more than 125 telematics systems are supported by the ghTrack platform, which is continuously expanded. This enhances the value of the investments already done and enables new functionalities and automations which facilitate efficiencies in e.g. overview of trailer fleet, work processes and customer responsiveness. 

    The key value in GateHouse is to secure satisfied customers and strong businesses.


  • As a collaborative software vendor for the retail ecosystem, Generix Group supports retailers, logistics service providers and manufacturers in managing, pooling and optimising their flows. The Generix Collaborative Business services' bundle is based on solid professional experience in the fields of ERP, supply chain and cross-channel sales management. This is supported by their EDI and EAI integration and portal solutions.

    With Carrefour, Gefco, Leclerc, Leroy Merlin, Nestlé, Unilever, DHL, Louis Vuitton, Sodiaal, Metro, Sara Lee, Kuehne+Nagel, Cdiscount, etc., more than 1,500 international companies have chosen "Collaborative Business" solutions by Generix Group, making the Generix Group European market leader with a turnover of over EUR 64m.


  • The GESYS company develops, implements and operates the business software, Business Success - "The comprehensive software solution for all departments and divisions." After around 20 years of company history in Europe, approximately 400 clients in industry and commerce trust the software of GESYS.
    The companies come from the concrete industry and prefabricated concrete components, prefabricated steel components and other construction trades and wholesale. Most of them are medium-sized companies with 10 to approximately 2,000 employees and one or more locations.
    As a provider of an "integrated software solution", GESYS offers a total of 13 program groups with currently more than 60 modules.
    In order to also guarantee the necessary export / import bindings for data communication with other systems, there are more than 160 interfaces to other systems for example to SAP, host computer, CAD and financial accounting programs.
    In content, GESYS focuses on exceptionally user-friendly and effective management of work processes.


  • With over 50 employees, GPI has been developing and installing software for carriers and logistics professionals since 1985.

    Each GPI transport software product is a solution tailor-made for managing transport companies and developed according to the specifics of the market.

    The D’ARTAGNAN range of transport software is a set of software tools which can be used in transport companies. Among other things, D’ARTAGNAN makes it possible to visualise the position of a vehicle and follow orders, confirm freighting of goods by fax/e-mail, check supplier invoices or even manage transport plans. It is a global management solution for the logistics chain.


  • The Haiberg GmbH is known as a provider of high-performance, web-based business applications. Haiberg offers service for the entire life cycle of IT infrastructures, e-business applications, Internet and telecommunications systems. The consulting ranges from the selection and procurement of technical solutions to custom configurations, and testing and integration tasks.

    Haiberg can also take on the operation of IT applications at customer request. With the expansion of the successful vMap product series to incorporate the vMap-Portal Server, Haiberg GmbH offers one of the most advanced web GIS platforms on the market. The combination of modular design and extensive functionality make the vMap-Portal Server an optimal basis for web GIS solutions. Possible applications range from information portals to complex, highly integrated mapping / routing / tracking applications. Individual attention to the customer during all phases of the project always comes first at Haiberg GmbH.


  • Founded in 1984, the Hardis Group has two main areas of operation: software publishing and IT services. Definitely different, the company built its growth upon a pragmatic approach and the values of close relationships and strong commitment to both their clients and collaborators: the company founders still run the company, 25% of the staff own company shares and 100% of their staff work in France.

    Hardis operates in seven large business fields: infrastructure facilities management,  development and TPAM, consulting and project support, business intelligence, logistics solutions (Reflex suite), development tools (Adelia Studio), and payroll and outsourcing (Saphyr).

    In 2011, Hardis generated a turnover of EUR 53m. Today the group has over 2,500 clients and 620 collaborators. Based in Grenoble, Hardis has 5 branch offices in Lyon, Paris, Lille, Nantes and Rennes.


  • HPDG was founded in 1993 by Hervé PELLON and Daniel Grimoud and quickly specialised in the software development business.

    HPDG SN is active mainly in France and its neighbouring French-speaking countries and has no less than seven products on the market, including: GesTEAM (software designed for skiing areas), GestaProd (software for concrete and ready-mixed concrete factories), GestAnim (coordination management software for large-scale distributors), GestAffaires (management software for workshops, building and public works / metal works).

    With over 10 years' experience in the business, HPDG SN today brings to companies its experience in accountancy, payment and management through its IT tools.


  • IER, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, designs and integrates solutions for improving the flow of people and goods.

    IER tailors its applications for use in warehouses, vehicles, points of sale and public places, drawing on its mastery of technologies such as RFID, voice recognition and Wi-Fi, and its proven knowledge of individual markets.

    In terms of vehicles, IER offers operational transport management solutions, in order to manage lorry fleets more efficiently and control the costs of pick-up and delivery trips.

    This optimisation of fleet management is made possible through the integration of functions such as geocoding of addresses, scheduling and optimisation of trips, computerisation of pick-ups and deliveries, geolocation and eco-driving.

    In order to maintain and sustain these solutions at a fully operational level, IER offers a full range of associated services, including a 24/7 hotline and on-site maintenance.


  • IFS SmartFreight® is the market leading, multi-carrier, Transport Management System with thousands of clients worldwide currently ship over 18 million consignments equating to some 45 million items of freight per annum and enjoying substantial transport cost savings in the process. IFS SmartFreight® streamlines supply chains of their customers providing full visibility of all freight movements.  Developed by Interactive Freight Systems, IFS SmartFreight® is 100% compliant across all major transport providers, delivering complete independence. Clients have the freedom to choose which transport provider or service best suits their needs with traceable documentation for each and every movement.


  • As an international consulting and software company, Implico GmbH supports customers from various industries in optimising their business processes. Implico offers expert and comprehensive consulting and implementation services for SAP.

    Route planning and scheduling are among the most important topics in the commercial trade, transportation and logistics industries. The IDM (Integrated Dispatch Management) SAP solution from Implico supports planners in designing optimal routes. Thanks to the real-time route optimisation, IDM enables effective reduction of transport costs by up to 15% and accelerates planning and scheduling by up to 80%. IDM also improves customer service, because incoming orders can be processed as fast as possible and information about the delivery time becomes much more reliable.


  • The inconso AG is one of the leading consulting and software company for logistics solutions in Europe. About 350 employees at seven locations offer sound advice, innovative, practical software products and professional system integration solutions for the optimisation of customer-specific logistics processes. The focus is on warehouse management with the inconsoWMS Product Suite as well as SAP EWM and LES, transportation management, supply chain execution and visibility solutions for major commercial, industrial and service companies.

    Inconso stands for competent, professional project management from analysis and consulting, design, implementation, commissioning and change management, to maintenance and lifetime partnership.


  • Infoteam Informatique Technique SA has provided the most up-to-date software technology for industrial automation, service providers and the energy industry for more than 25 years now. Infoteam specialises above all in data collection, processing and upgrading. The variety of services provided therefore ranges from the planning of information systems to the implementation of all-round solutions. Help is at hand for Infoteam customers, whether for planning or service and support.

    Infoteam includes the following PTV xServer components in its software: PTV xLocate Server, PTV xMap Server, PTV xRoute Server and PTV xTour Server.


  • INFOVISA, a publisher of specialist software packages dedicated to the transportation of goods by road, has been marketing turnkey solutions since 1987. INFOVISA designs and develops transportation software in collaboration with stakeholders in this sector.

    TRANSMAGIC, modular software that can be adapted according to the needs of transport management: invoicing, ecotax management, CO2 display, transport planning, route planning, container transport management, packaging management, cost price monitoring, EDM (scanning and archiving documents), interface with on-board computer, interface with different accounting software programs, integration of order flows via EDI. Mapping integrated with simulator (trips and cost price). Multiple tables for monitoring activity and extracting data in Excel or with an integrated reporting tool.

    PARCMAGIC, software for workshop management and maintenance planning, with integrated fuel consumption data and motorway charges. It takes care of vehicle monitoring.


  • initions develops forward-thinking software for transport management, route planning, telematics and business intelligence.

    The Software OPHEO is an intelligent solution for transport management and telematics. Graphical user interfaces with intelligent drag and drop design functionality ensure transparency and maximum user comfort. A comprehensive framework checks all route plans for consistency and identifies errors and bottlenecks. The telematics driver integration makes it possible to identify likely problems before they occur. OPHEO is a modular TMS software, which can factor in the planning logic of all types of vehicles and modes of transport. Renowned shippers, carriers and trucking companies from various industries, such as building materials, bulk solids, liquid transport, ready-mixed concrete, rely on OPHEO.

    initions successfully deploys PTV Serversolutions to calculate routes, distances and driving times, with constant access to the latest map material and many additional features. OPHEO can also obtain details of truck and hazardous goods restrictions, toll data and current traffic information from the PTV xServers.


  • InterLAN has been delivering IT solutions for TSL sector (Transport Shipping and logistics) companies since 1991. The company offers verified and advanced software to its customers, generating measurable financial and organizational results in a short time after implementation.

    InterLAN is specialized in the development of IT systems for companies operating in the field of Transport, Forwarding and Logistics. The solution interLAN SPEED supports corporate management in respect of FTL and LTL transport (Full Truck Load/ Less than Truck Load) and forwarding, fleet management, planning and optimisation of loads. The system guarantees effective performance of operating tasks and provides analytic data necessary for controlling and taking appropriate decisions.

    All system processes are executed in a logical and transparent manner. The open, modular architecture of interLAN software is its undisputed advantage, as it gives the opportunity to select and add further functionalities with extending needs of the customer.


  • Item has been developing flexible and communicative IT solutions for almost 18 years, by publishing and marketing a wide range of integrated management software packages. These packages are designed for the transport sector, logistics and for parking and workshop/garage optimisation.

    With a view to full compatibility with clients' requirements, Item is firmly committed to a policy of unique partnership by offering a wide range of integrated services. Item understands this need for continual balance between hardware solutions and software integrations.

    Over 1000 installations carried out in France to date...


  • Kewill is a leading provider of software solutions that enable enterprises and logistics providers to manage the movement of goods and information across the globe.

    Kewill delivers innovative software for business-critical global supply chain requirements through our three product suites: Logistics, to support freight forwarding, transport, warehousing and customs compliance; Transportation and Shipping, to enable parcel, LTL, TL and desktop shipping and export trade compliance, and; Business to Business Integration, to drive B2B eCommerce, order management and supply chain integration.

    Kewill's customers rely on our deep domain knowledge to improve their business processes, exchange information and provide visibility to simplify the management of their supply chains.

    Established in 1972, Kewill has over 7,000 customers around the world including Bayer, Black & Decker, DHL, Hankyu Hanshin, Hitachi, Ingersoll Rand, Mothercare, UPS, Scott’s & Co and TNT.


  • Since 2003, Kuantic has been a creator and integrator of products and services aimed at the M2M market. Our company, based in Sophia-Antipolis, offers hand-held key network connectivity solutions (M2M SIM cards) and GSM/GPS-connected geolocation devices aimed at the automotive and industrial markets, but which are also adaptable to the Cloud universe. Thanks to its unique and patented know-how, Kuantic supplements the deployment of its M2M clients in Europe with a unique range of services surrounding on-board mobile phone technology, and, thanks to a strategic partnership with the service provider Orange, also offers M2M subscriptions. Kuantic devices, whilst offering deployment, integration and management solutions all at once, are designed and adapted to suit the M2M mass market.


  • logistik konzepte software GmbH (LKS) specialises in integration solutions and functional enhancements for telematic service providers.

    As the system integrator for TomTom Business Solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it provides features including PTV xServer functions such as automatic route optimisation, sequence optimisation, route calculation, the integration of truck attributes, distance calculation, toll calculations and digital mapping.


  • Founded in 1966, Lomaco's business activities cover the  whole of France, including its overseas territories . Today the company counts 95 employees and has its products and services undergo a quality assurance process: the software is NF certified and its maintenance services have been optimised.

    Active in many sectors as diverse as emergency medical care, funeral services, medical equipment, taxi service, mobility, administration, payroll, etc. , LOMACO has a real capacity for innovation thanks to its 25-programmers strong Development department.


  • With its products and services in programming and setting up application software, M.I.T. Multimedia Internet Telematik GmbH supports small and medium sized companies in implementing complex IT systems.

    The main focus of M.I.T. GmbH lies in the application development and in the optimisation of IT-supported business processes. Their product portfolio (MAXX-range) includes solutions from the fields fleet and transport management, telematics, trip planning and freight hold optimisation and warehouse management.

    Customers from transport, industry and trade value both the expertise of M.I.T. GmbH as well as its reliability, flexibility and its competitive prices. M.I.T. GmbH aspires to providing their customers with solutions which guarantee best possible usage with highest quality and investment security as well as state-of-the-art technology.


  • Masternaut builds and markets innovative telematics solutions tailor-made for vehicle fleets right across Europe.

    As a geolocation and eco-driving specialist, Masternaut provides businesses the tools to help them reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs and increase the efficiency and productivity of their mobile teams; all the while driving in a safe and environmentally responsible way (route optimisation, accident reduction, monitoring carbon dioxide emissions, etc.)
    Masternaut develops its technology from the ground up to provide its clients with solutions fully-tailored to their needs.

    The Masternaut offer comprises a package of scalable modules that each company can combine according to their needs and that can be developed over time. Masternaut can therefore provide a simple geolocation solution or respond to specific issues.

    Founded in 1996, Masternaut serves over 10,000 clients across 32 countries.


  • Microlise was formed in 1982. Our headquarters are in Nottingham UK, we also have offices in the USA and a network of Resellers and Partners worldwide.We employ around 160 staff with skills in software and hardware development, logistics consultancy & business analysis, project management, implementation, training and support.

    Microlise have developed a core Transport Management System product set, which we then configure and customise to deliver a perfect fit transport management solution.

    Microlise’s customers operate globally, with our system deployed across hundreds of fleets comprising tens of thousands of heavy and light commercial vehicles. These fleets operate in a range of transportation sectors, including; Retail distribution, Home delivery, Third Party Logistics, Parcels, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Aggregates.


  • The mm-lab GmbH was founded in March 2005 by five partners and since that time has successfully established itself in the fields of telematics services and telematics solutions, especially areas relating to automobile-related applications. 42 employees are employed in the fields of communication, positioning, earth sciences, software and hardware development, testing and integration. The engineers of the mm-lab GmbH develop applications and solutions for the fields electronic toll calculation, automation and management of vehicle tests, management of test sites as well as telematics for municipalities and special fleets. These developments are intended for system integrators, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, municipalities and operators of special fleets (for example, waste management companies).


  • The mobileObjects AG is the leading software and solution provider in the area of Internet-based telematics, fleet management and vehicle tracking.
    Efficient control, monitoring and management of vehicles (mobile units) are significant competitive factors for transportation, service, and service companies, as well as many other industries that control vehicles and drivers from a central location.
    The modern and inexpensive Internet-based solutions from mobileObjects AG can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Permanent communication between vehicle and control centre is the basis for sustainable cost savings, streamlined processes and conflict-free communication.


  • Navisys was founded in 1997 in Czechoslovakia. The main focus then, as now, was the development and implementation of complex applications for NAVISION, what is today Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Through extensive development and project experience, Navisys has developed into a renowned supplier of business intelligence software with additional industry-specific specialisation and more than 20 employees. In 2004, the company entered the transport logistics market with its BIZ4Logistics product. This was followed in 2005 with a solution for warehousing and distribution, BIZ4Warehousing, and two years later BIZ4BuildIn, an integrated project management solution for the construction industry. With BIZ4Elements, Navisys has also developed an efficient solution for production planning and management.


  • Nomattitude is an innovative publisher of planning and geolocation solutions.

    Nomattitude is different from traditional planning tools in that it adds a geographic aspect to your schedules.

    Nomattitude's solutions reduce the number of useless kilometres your travelling teams have to cover, save time and improve your customer service. What's more, you get a management tool that helps you make decisions in real time. Its simplicity and user-friendliness make it an ideal solution for SMEs.


  • The intensive collaboration between logisticians and IT professionals lead to the founding of Opus//G and the development of the OPUS//SUITE in the late 90s. OPUS//SUITE is a flexible, fully modular logistics management system based on Microsoft .NET technology. The basic system offers all the services and software modules for manual and automated operation of warehouse systems and can be expanded as needed with additional functional modules. The solution of OPUS//G is industry-independent and therefore free from the stipulations of a special organisational and technical environment. For individual industries such as food&beverages and the chemical industry, OPUS//G offers special add-on solutions.


  • Ornicar is a company that has specialised in geolocalisation for more than 10 years now.

    They are particularly dedicated to providing their customers with solutions tailored to specific needs. They know every user has individual requirements.

    Their basic solutions include :

    • a Web portal that allows for real-time vehicle tracking, visualisation of  historical vehicle data and alert management
    • a service that allows users to automatically send activity reports (in Microsoft Excel), including a map of the routes taken

    Among their regular clients are: Soprema, Vinci Construction, Eurovia, Kéolys, Indesit, LVL Médical…


  • ParCon provides full service for SAP products and is specialized in innovative Add-On solutions. Our renowned customers from various industries have trusted us to implement
    perfectly tailored applications and SAP Add-Ons in mission critical areas to help them develop sustainable competitive advantages. Efficient SAP consulting and development
    are at the heart of the ParCon portfolio. We excel in leading SAP Add-Ons, e.g. for the transport-, visit- and resource planning or the document workflow. Consistent customer
    orientation and the willingness to ‚go the extra mile‘ are fundamental principles deeply entrenched within ParCon‘s organization.


  • Prios is a services company with a three-pillar role:

    • IT system architect,
    • ERP systems publisher,
    • New information technologies developer and integrator.

    These three pillars complement each other and are backed up by a very sector-based approach.

    The first pillar develops a package of components to help businesses design their IT system.

    The second pillar helps to cover all key functions of the company. As an ERP systems publisher, Prios develops business-specific software solutions in the following fields:

    • Personal goods and lifestyle (shoes, clothing, accessories, linens, decoration, etc.)
    • Agribusiness (cereal chain, agricultural supplies, animal feed, milling, drinks, etc.)
    • SME and SMI administration (pay, HRIS, management, decision-making tools, accountancy and financial management, etc.)

    The third pillar is indispensable for implementing an IT system's operational architecture. Consistency across all components of an IT project and the soundness of the solution provided lead to a perfect result guaranteed.

    The Prios Group is made up of over 1200 projects operating across the world and has over 20 years of experience to offer its customers.



  • Quintiq’s Mission Is to Empower Businesses to Plan for Profit. The ultimate goal of Quintiq is to empower companies to make planning decisions based on what creates business value. Quintiq advanced planning & scheduling software allows organizations to overcome the difficulty of planning the utilization of employees, resources and processes, with multiple rules and constraints.

    Quintiq software is capable of generating the best possible planning solution to suit any business model, even in the most complex and dynamic of planning environments. In this way we enable businesses to achieve more with their existing resources.


  • Rinkai s.r.o. is a Czech company that mainly focuses on the optimisation of transport and logistic processes. It offers innovative algorithms and tools for a variety of tasks, for example, vehicle routing problems or optimisation of production and logistics networks. All these algorithms and tools are suitable for customers involved with both simple and highly complex logistical processes in any industry sector. The strong results-oriented focus of the company is valued by many local and international customers.


  • SCR INFORMATIQUE was established in 1990 by Frédéric Nunge and over the years has specialised in dedicated software design for medical transportation (ambulances and taxis), hearses, road transport companies, wine merchants and artisans.

    SCR Informatiques is also the number one supplier of dedicated software to SAMU (French medical emergency service) in the region of Brittany and Pays de la Loire:

    SAMU Rennes, Brest, Vannes, Saint Brieuc, Nantes, Le Mans, Laval, La Roche-sur-Yon, Dreux, Saint-Lo, Limoges, Poitiers, Orléans, Châteauroux, etc.

    Their customers also include over 700 medical transport companies throughout France and its overseas departments and territories.


  • SE4L– Software Engineering for Logistics GmbH provides modular shipping software in a multilingual design with variable forms and reports. Special attention has been paid in the programming to ensure that the integrated vehicle communications and vehicle tracking systems from various vendors are compatible with functions of communication traffic, vehicle positioning, remaining travel time monitoring, Circle of Service, Out of Route, travel time and shift time monitoring. It can therefore also be used as a fleet software and scheduling software.
    Other modules, such as route optimisation, order management and billing, automatic conditioning and account assignment, city and street distances works, EDIfact and ODETTE interfaces, document management and key figures make the software a complete solution. In addition to shipping software, SAUER also offers its customers solutions for warehousing, logistics, workshops, service stations, vehicle fleet management and order management systems.


  • The Sigma group specialises in software publishing, web consulting, service integration and facilities management. Founded in 1972, the group is strategically positioned across France with offices in Nantes (head office), Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse. It is by focusing on added value that we approach our customers. Sigma's comprehensive range of products and services caters to the needs and requirements of staff and line management in all corporate sectors. The company positions itself as your ideal long-term IT partner, to assist you in all your future developments.

    The extensive knowledge and understanding of freight management, warehouse management, energy distribution and energy maintenance systems enables Sigma to design and implement tailor-made, integrated supply chain solutions:

    • Trucking Online®, an optimised Transportation Management System (TMS)
    • Chargeur Online : Shipping Management
    • Tess : Warehouse Management and Logistics Platform
    • iCopitole : Energy distribution and maintenance solutions


  • SMS is the IT subsidiary of the LABRUYERE group.

    It has garnered good experience in its main activities: large-scale distribution, logistics and transport.

    All the products come as part of a comprehensive SMS package: equipment and installation, software, roll-out and training, other software on the market: accountancy, cartography,..., maintenance (including first-level support), SMS services compatible with the company's training budget, information management and the materials supply trade.

    The IT support includes recommended tweaks and changes and the application of other IT solutions.


  • The SoftProject GmbH was founded in 2000. Around 75 employees are involved in the development of Business Process Management Suite X4, which helps SoftProject customers optimise and automate business processes. With the Business Process Management (BPM) X4 platform, solutions are implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to pre-configured industry processes. X4 serves as the central basis for any type of IT networking system. Employees, partners and customers are integrated into business processes with the help of adapters (e. g. EDI, SEPA, SAP R/3, PDF and many more) and convenient user interfaces.

    More than 300 national and international customers optimise their business processes successfully with X4, including for example Bosch, BMW, carexpert, Condor, DEKRA, DKB, Janitos, Nürnberger, R+V, Signal Iduna, Siemens, Satorius, Skandia, DLR Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt, Testo, Vattenfall and TÜV.


  • Synovo develops optimisation and activity management solutions for transport and logistics companies and for any company with fleets of vehicles. At the moment, the company specialises in medical transportation with its flagship product, the Saphir software suite.


  • Técnicas de Ingeniería S.L. is an engineering and technology company specialising in the integration and development of solutions for the transport sector.
    Founded in 1997, with its head office in Murcia (Spain), it has more than 12,000 vehicles, making it a leading pioneering company in Spain.
    Under the brand name GesInFlot, it provides the full range of solutions for the transport sector, including the most technologically advanced solutions and the best suppliers of tools for the transport sector available on the market. Among these is the PTV GROUP, with its professional navigation solutions designed for Android.

    In November 2012, Técnicas de Ingeniería S.L. entered the Latin American Market with its subsidiary GesInFlot LATAM S.A., having its principal place of business in Santiago de Chile.


  • With over 1,000 installations, TRANSDATA Soft- und Hardware GmbH is one of the leading developers of logistical solutions for the transport industry. They have been developing industry software in the fields of forwarding, distribution and storage since 1988.

    TRANSDATA successfully uses the PTV xServer in order to visualise the address, vehicle, order and journey data on maps and to calculate distances and toll charges.


  • Transics is an international player in truck and trailer management. The company employs a passionate, international team of telematics experts, serving the transport and logistics industry. Transics thinks and operates on a large scale: its solutions are finding their way to countless European carriers what made Transics a market leader in fleet management.

    Transics provides a total suite of solutions, helping carriers with the management of trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders. Every solution is developed with one goal in mind: help customers raise their productivity while trimming costs.

    In addition, Transics also promotes transparency and integration. Increased transparency within the logistics chain ensures that fleet info is available beyond the borders of the planning department. The management team can rely on extensive reporting tools to help them better achieve their company goals. Subcontractors and contractors, too, will benefit from faster and better fleet communications.


  • Positioning-centric information is changing the way people, businesses and governments work throughout the world. By applying Trimble's advanced positioning solutions, productivity increases and safety improvements are being realized.

    Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Its integrated solutions allow customers to collect, manage and analyse complex information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable.

    Trimble products are used in over 141 countries around the world. Employees in more than 30 countries, coupled with a highly capable network of dealers and distribution partners serve and support our customers.

    For over 33 years, Trimble has created unique positioning products that help customers grow their business. Our portfolio includes over 1,800 patents and serves as the basis for the broadest positioning offerings in the industry. Trimble augments its organic product development with strategic acquisitions to bring the latest positioning technologies to a wider market.


  • Urios has been specialising in the provision of management solutions aimed at road transport companies (freight forwarders, shippers, cooperatives, etc.) since 1992. These software solutions run under Microsoft's Windows graphic environment for reasons of ergonomics and user-friendliness under an InterBase 6.5 or Oracle 10g database in order to ensure the highest level of reliability (Oracle is the global leader in the database market).
    It is thanks to its 500 clients that Urios can maintain and enhance a team with a level of expertise equal to the requirements that may be represented by transport businesses in terms of messaging, loads, bundling, etc.


  • VDQ Business Solutions GmbH is a software company from Germany which focuses on the development and optimisation of corporate processes.

    With LogPro, VDQ has an intelligent modular system, which is flexible, individual and efficient.

    Log Pro falls into the category of process management systems and fleet management systems. It contains an interaction of logistics and processes, i.e. all processes within a company are compactly combined into a LogPro portal and therefore can be planned, controlled, assessed and monitored.

    LogPro manages processes on the mobile internet and specialises in web-based process applications, bar codes and RFID technology. With LogPro GPS location, the customer is able to plan, control and monitor their fleet and vehicles. The LogPro system can easily be expanded to driver's licence verification, order management, telemetry data etc.

    Thanks to many years of experience, VDQ is always a knowledgeable contact for its customers, even when it comes to special requirements. VDQ Business Solutions therefore already counts many renowned service companies as its customers.


  • The Vehco group (merger of ELOmobile and Vehco in March 2011) develops and markets complete solutions for professional vehicle management (HGV, buses and light-duty vehicles). Their solutions consist of a software package with embedded electronics that allow for optimisation of mobile resources: geolocalisation and fleet management,  driver management according to legislation (from speedometer readings up to preparing payroll), eco-driving, transport order and trip management, temperature control,  trailer tracking, driver, vehicle and goods safety.

    Today the group has 120 employees, 6 subsidiaries, 30,000 solutions installed and 800 customers in Europe.


  • The WESSENDORF Software + Consulting GmbH (WSC) has specialized in SAP solutions since 1997. As an SAP software development partner, WSC combines extensive SAP expertise with years of experience in efficient design of business processes. The software add-ons of WSC are included in the market-leading software solutions. The integration solutions for scheduling and deployment planning with ClickSoftware and visualized spare parts catalogues from LinkOne (Ventyx) are used worldwide. The PTV xServers are effectively integrated into SAP by the corresponding ABAP/4 add-on, "Map & Guide for SAP®". Additional middleware is not required. They are therefore available in SAP for route planning, geocoding and address validation. Routes can be tested and optimised. For some SAP standard transactions, the add-on can be activated immediately without further customisation.


  • The WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH plans and implements customised logistics and material flow systems. WITRON combines key elements such as logistics planning, information and control engineering, mechanical engineering and mechanical manufacturing as well as the functional responsibility of a general logistics contractor. With experience from more than 2,000 completed logistics projects, WITRON lays the cornerstone for competitive advantage as early as the conceptual design phase. Individual service and operating models precisely tailored to the needs of WITRON customers are an important factor for long-term, trusting customer relationships. Complete coverage of the entire project control loop is an optimal basis for continual development of existing logistics modules and for demand-driven new development. WITRON uses PTV MapServer for transport optimisation in their "Transport & Delivery" service package.


  • WOLF SOFTWARE helps companies optimise their costs and boost their competitiveness. For this purpose, WOLF SOFTWARE has developed "LoGo3" - an innovative logistics information and management system. LoGo 3 is a software that can be deployed across a range of industries, bringing together all the components of modern logistics management and thus resulting in cost optimisation and supporting management with decision-making.
    The modular structure of the software makes it possible to adapt it individually to the needs of a company; it accommodates all day-to-day distribution activities. LoGo 3 is therefore the optimum tool for managing, planning, steering and controlling all transport logistics activities, including personnel and fleet management.
    In the context of the LoGo Academy, WOLF SOFTWARE also provides extensive customer support in the form of numerous seminars and workshops on various topics such as driver training and individual instruction.


  • Xplanis AG was created in 2010 through a management buyout by the CEO of the former PTV SWISS AG. Our goal is to provide our customers with consultation and software solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies that seamlessly fit into their existing processes. With the help of our cloud-based transport management system X4fleet we help our customers achieve a long-term reduction of operating costs and a significant improvement in transparency and reliability. X4fleet enables our customers to create or import shipments, plan and optimize tours and forward them seamlessly to the X4fleet driver APP. With our X4gateway we are able to integrate existing transport data into X4fleet in the fastest way possible. For planning and optimization tasks, we use the PTV xServers.

    Our customers include couriers, delivery services, trading and production companies, transport and recycling companies, construction companies and companies in the concrete industry as well as fuel and oil carriers.

    X4fleet is a cloud based logistics system, comprised of a fully-featured transport management system with a complete integration of vehicle and driver data by means of the X4fleet driver APP as well as an integration platform for various IoT services. X4fleet provides the user with extensive functions and features to assist in the planning, scheduling and monitoring of all aspects of the transport process. Our solution is fully scalable and can therefore cover the needs of both small and large companies. We put a special emphasis on providing our customers with comprehensive and clever optimization functions that fit the requirements of their individual business case.



  • About 140 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with 2 to 150 users workstations use the industrial software from Xpoint. Products from Xpoint are characterized by their practical orientation and economy. The energy and oil trade in the future needs more than ever comprehensive and variable software design. With a variety of product lines, Xpoint aims precisely at the demand for a practical solution with great future security:

    X-oil (mineral oil trade), X-tanken Int. (service station billing), X-fibunet (financial accounting), X-LVS (warehouse management), X-archiv (document archiving), X-map Info (graphical sales support), X-map Dispo (scheduling support) and X-wärme (heat engineering).

    One thing that all programs in common: practicality, reliability and expandability.


  • Since its foundation in 1986, Xyric SA has specialised in providing software and services for the transport and logistics sector: parcel service, transportation by batch or half-batch, and warehouse management.

    The company has also developed strong skills in EDI with a server centre dedicated to this activity. It is a member of the GTF (Groupement des Transporteurs Français) technical group and is in this way involved in any changes to rules and standards in the EDI sector.

    Xyirc markets PROXYLOG, software specifically for the world of transportation by batch, half-batch and freight, as well as the SPEED Wms software for warehouse management.

    The company's clients are carriers, carrier networks, logistics companies, transit platforms and shipping companies in different sectors of business: publishing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, food trade, and more.

    The reliability and suitability of the company's solutions in relation to their clients' operational requirements are proven by their clients' ongoing loyalty.


  • YellowFox, Winner of the 2012 TelematikAward with the "YellowTimeManager", makes products for tracking vehicles for all fleet sizes - regardless of whether passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, construction vehicles or ships. A diverse product portfolio is needed to meet a broad range of requirements, so YellowFox tailors its product packages to its customers.

    The focus is on operational functions such as control - monitoring working time, fleet management, scheduling, navigation, route optimisation, an alarm function in emergencies, truck navigation, area monitoring, an electronic driver's logbook, driver identification and recording vehicle data such as ignition signals, door contacts or driving and rest periods are just a few examples.