• Short Description

    Primarily you work in the area of private transport modeling. Additionally, you would like to know how to handle the network objects which are required for modelling public transport networks. You will learn the fundamentals of public transport supply modelling. Moreover, how to connect the public transport demand and supply in PTV Visum will be explained.

    This training course serves as the basis for the use of the basic public transport functionality in PTV Visum. Users who are interested in detailed public transport modeling are recommended to attend the two-day Public Transport basic training course which includes both supply and demand.

  • Course Level


  • Target Group

    The course addresses Visum users, who want to include components of public transport into their network models.

  • Duration

    1 Day

    Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.

  • Contents

    • Fundamentals of how to model the elements of the public transport supply side
      • Public transport stops and their structure
      • PT lines and line routes
      • Regular services and timetables
      • Vehicle types

    • Fundamentals of modeling and analyzing PT demand
      • Connectors
      • Assignment procedure methods for public transport
      • Calculation of public transport-specific skims and their tabular and graphical display

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