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    Particularly in urban areas a large amount of traffic is caused as a result of economic activities. These include various trip purposes, such as the delivery and distribution of goods, the supply of construction materials and disposal of construction waste or the provision of services, e.g. through craftsmen or nursing services. Tour-based freight transport largely differs from passenger transport in terms of its characteristics and spatial and temporal trip distribution.

    For modeling tour-based freight, there is a separate demand model available that includes the corresponding demand objects and procedures. Key elements of the model are based on the WIVER model (Sonntag, 1995), jointly developed by IVU and PTV in the 90s and applied in numerous transport models. This model allows you to model origin and destination traffic resulting from orders as well as interrelations between different industries. On this basis, you can then model how these orders are delivered in trips. The model provides the necessary data structures for modeling sector requirements and delivery concepts or vehicle types.

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    This course provides experienced users a deeper insight into demand modelling. It is aimed at users who already have basic knowledge of demand modelling and who want to extend it to the tour-based freight model.

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    1 Day

    Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.

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    • Demand modelling with Freight Modelling
    • Principles and properties of the procedure
    • Data structure
    • Model architecture

    This one day course will introduce you to the principles of the demand model Freight Modelling, it’s data structure and model architecture. The subjects of model segmentation, data supply, calibration and validation will be discussed and practiced on a freight training model.


    As a supplement, we offer a one day course Demand model Visem (TR-T0116) and Demand model EVA (TR-T0118).

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