• Short Description

    Do you want to automate scenario calculations or does modelling in PTV Vissim come up against the limits of the software? The purpose of this course is to show you how to extend PTV Vissim capabilities by means of the COM interface.  The course starts with an introduction to Python and COM. Numerous examples will help you to become quickly familiar with COM programming in PTV Vissim.

  • Course Level


  • Target Group

    This course addresses to experienced PTV Vissim users from all disciplines. In addition, programming experience is recommended.

  • Prerequisites

    You successfully participated in our basic course "PTV Vissim - Introduction to Microscopic Traffic Flow Simulation" (TR-T0201) or have similar experience with PTV Vissim. Basic programming knowledge is required.

    This course will be given with a focus on programming examples with Python. With sufficient general programming experience, you should be able to follow the course even if you don't master the programming language used by the teacher.

  • Duration

    1 Day

    Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.

  • Contents

    • Explanation of the COM interface
    • Introduction to the programming language Python
    • Working with COM documentation and online help
    • Modification of Vissim objects before and during the simulation on the basis of practice examples
    • Application examples for large-scale COM applications
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