• Keep track of all your transport costs

      Whether you need to calculate exact toll costs, mileage, delivery types, or even personnel costs, our transport cost calculator contains a comprehensive range of route based on trucks/HGV attributes and other vehicle-related data so you can avoid hidden costs.

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    • Specially made for drivers

      PTV Map&Guide is made for drivers. It includes relevant features such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) service notifications, drive and rest times, truck navigation, precise distance calculations, and hazardous goods restrictions to eliminate unnecessary road detours and delays. The software also offers a Europe-wide truck stops and parking database along the motorways, including a reservation feature.

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    • Stress-free route planner

      With our state-of-the-art truck dispatching and data management software, you always have an overview of all the logistical processes and assure transparency with all stakeholders from all your internal departments – from procurement, via transportation planning right to invoicing. From managing customer and route address data to managing drivers and fleets, PTV Map&Guide helps you automate your business.

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    • Make sound business decisions

      Understand how delivery costs affect your profit by knowing the actual cost per trip through advance calculation. PTV Map&Guide offers break-even analysis so you can maximise your profit margin and view the cost breakdown. Determine which service delivery is the most profitable and compare different route planning scenarios.

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  • Pricing

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  • PTV Map&Guide internet

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  • PTV Map&Guide internet

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  • PTV Map&Guide intranet

    One-off purchase
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    For 25 users

  • Flexible software components instead of full software?

    Are you rather interested in particular features to integrate into your existing logistics or telematics software?  Why don't you have a look at our PTV xServer software components!
    PTV xServer are scalable, flexible, easy to integrate and above all - they help you to optimise every logistics process.