• What is the purpose of geocoding?

    Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into sets of latitude and longitude coordinates and vice versa. It’s a prerequisite for all geolocation-based applications: It enables you to search and precisely display geographic locations on digital maps. Therefore, geocoding is the foundation for all mapping and vehicle routing and optimisation tasks.

  • Why geocode with PTV Geocoding API?

    The PTV Geocoding API is a software developer component, available as a cloud-based web service or an on-premise solution. Due to its standardised interface, the component can be easily integrated into an existing software architecture. It handles geocoding requests quickly – for individual locations as well as for entire databases. The PTV Geocoding API offers maximum flexibility and highest precision: It allows you to enter address information without specific formatting requirements. We provide a highly accurate database, enabling perfect matching of geocoordinates and geolocations. Moreover, we supply detailed geocoding documentation as well as continuous training and support.

    • Enter information using either free-form or structured input

      As user of the PTV Geocoding API, you benefit from maximum flexibility: Use free-form input to enter addresses without considering the order of address elements, or use the structured input to determine the match quality of the single address elements.

    • Rooftop accurate geocoordinates

      The precise physical geocode of a delivery point may differ from the interpolated geocode for that same address. Thanks to rooftop geocoding with the PTV Geocoding API, you identify the exact latitude and longitude of an address, and are able to “put the pin” right in your customers’ driveway. This way, you can be certain that your drivers arrive exactly where they need to go and avoid searching for delivery entrances at their destination.

    • Apply address verification to spot errors before they cause problems

      Address validation checks your input data and evaluates the match quality of input and output to help you choose the correct address. This way you can be sure that you’re always working with up-to-date and clean data and avoid inefficiencies.