• PTV Viswalk 2020 succeeds the previous version 11. The latest version of Viswalk upgrades your fire emergency simulations by integrating results from Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). Viswalk 2020 also includes many features that refine the simulation of every-day situations: from the behavior of people exiting elevators, through bus passengers boarding with suitcases, to commuters getting into over-crowded trains. With this latest release, we bring life into your essential traffic and safety simulations.

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Visualize and evaluate fire incidents with data from Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)

  • Viswalk can now display result data from the Fire Dynamics Simulator, the de-facto standard for the simulation of fires. This new feature allows you to better visualize temperature, carbon monoxide, soot and other factors. Furthermore, the physiological impact – in terms of the Fractional Effective Dose (FED) – can be recorded for each pedestrian.

Diverse boarding delays in public transport

  • Simulate a wide new range of boarding delays to public transport. With Viswalk 2020, you get a clearer picture of delays caused by crowded trains, luggage, floor height differences or passengers buying tickets from bus drivers.

Show route bundles

  • Show routes related directly or indirectly to a particular area. The dedicated mode for this can be started with a new button in the network editor toolbar.

Elevator exit door selection

  • It is now possible to define the method, in which pedestrians who exit from an elevator with more than one door, choose their door. Simply choose the new option: “leave through the door which is closest to your next route destination”.