Security of Road Transport Networks

  • The European research project "Security of Road Transport Networks" (SeRoN) focused on the development of a methodology for the identification and risk-based analysis of critical road transport infrastructures against the background of terrorist threats.

    Together with other partners, PTV evaluated protective measures with regard to its user-side and object-side effectiveness. Both risk analysis and economic approaches were used as valuation methods.

    Determination of criticality of infrastructure projects

    SeRoN developed a method for identifying critical road infrastructure. Within the scope of this criticality assessment, prioritization of the infrastructure projects took place according to their significance for the transport network.

    Action analysis - Assessment of the protection of measures and cost-benefit assessment

    In addition, a risk-based procedure for assessing protective measures was developed. In addition to the costs of the measures, the benefits of avoided or reduced regional and trans-regional transport effects of damage incidents resulting from a long-term failure of the road infrastructure were also analyzed.