• The Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (BVWP) 2030 represents the most important instrument of federal transport infrastructure planning and sets the government’s transport policy course for the coming years. It takes into account both existing networks as well as expansion and new construction projects in the field of road, rail and waterway transport. Core concerns are the preservation of existing networks and the elimination of bottlenecks on main transport axes and at important transport hubs.

    • PTV Transport Consult also supports the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with its transport expertise and know-how.

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  • Project description

    For more than five years, PTV Transport Consult, together with the research division of PTV AG and other partners, supported and advised the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure during the preparation of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030. In addition to project management and quality assurance of the forecast calculations, the focus was also on further development and documentation of the evaluation methods.

  • Development of assessment methods
    • In parallel to basic plan development, the foundation of the assessment methods of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan was extended, refined, substantiated and finally comprehensively documented in numerous research projects.

      This work has resulted in the methodological manual for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030. The extensive manual provides a detailed description of the federal infrastructure assessment methods.

  • Challenge
    • The particular challenge of the evaluation lied in the fact that all modes of transport (road, rail, waterway) were to be assessed according to the same principles and benefits.

  • Application options for the assessment methods
    • In addition to the general principles and the individual benefits, the methodological manual also contained specific adjustments to the assessment methods for individual modes of transport.

      When drawing up the new Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030, these assessment methods were used by the respective experts to evaluate more than 2,000 individual projects. The assessment methods, however, are not limited to federal roads and motorways.

      PTV Transport Consult has converted the road assessment method into interfaces to its modelling software PTV Visum and has used it multiple times to evaluate road projects, including subordinate networks.

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