• Highly detailed, consistent and up-to-date maps for logistics applications like geocoding, routing and scheduling

    Highly detailed and regularly updated maps are at the heart of our software solutions for planning, executing and optimising transport, logistics and geomarketing. They are essential to geographical applications such as finding locations, calculating distances and routes and displaying this information on digital devices. PTV Maps are based on data from the leading maps providers HERE and TomTom and available with satellite imagery. Data layers specific to logistical applications, for example truck toll fees or information on low emission zones, can be added based on individual requirements. As a result, PTV Maps are among the most detailed, consistent and up-to-date maps for logistical applications available on the market.

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PTV Maps at a glance

  • Global coverage
  • PTV Maps offer worldwide coverage, a high level of detail and regular updates

  • Standard format
  • PTV Maps are delivered in a standardised map format, enabling fast integration

  • Easy-to-customise
  • PTV Maps are easy to customise based on individual needs

  • Cooperations
  • PTV Maps are based on map data from leading maps providers such as HERE and TomTom

  • Exclusive logistics value
  • PTV Maps are enriched with exclusive logistics-specific data collected by PTV

  • 50 per cent less data volume – much better software performance

    PTV Maps are delivered in a standardised map format and optimised for all of PTV’s logistics software solutions. To this end, data from different sources is cleansed, matched and harmonised. This editing process reduces the data amount by up to 50 percent and improves the software performance considerably.

    The edited data is then arranged in easily manageable Integration Units (IUs) such as countries or administrative areas like states or provinces. The IUs, in turn, contain layers of information for logistical applications like rendering, geocoding, routing or optimisation.

Customisable geographical coverage, level of detail and content

  • The standard PTV Maps can be customised with regards to geographical coverage, level of detail and content, if required. For example, the level of detail can be individually composed at the country level, ranging from a reduced level that includes only major roads, to a detailed level that includes a full street network with exact information on street names and house numbers.

Benefits of PTV Maps at a glance

    • Precise results thanks to high level of detailing

      PTV Maps are based on the highly detailed databases from the leading maps providers HERE and TomTom. Thanks to this, the information PTV maps provide as well as the routes calculated based on them are extremely precise and reliable. For example, PTV Maps can provide address information with rooftop accuracy. This allows logistics service providers to “put the pin” right in their customers’ driveway, avoiding lengthy searches of delivery entrances.

    • Prepared for everything thanks to logistics attributes

      Toll roads, turn restrictions, one-way streets, footpaths, speed limits and low emission zones: All this information needs to be considered to determine the fastest, shortest or most economic route. That is why PTV Maps offer these attributes as options you can add to your solution.

    • Easy search thanks to information linkage

      In PTV Maps, all address information – house numbers, streets, suburbs, cities and postcodes – are linked. This way, even when users enter incomplete or partially wrong information, the software still finds the correct location on the map.

    • Fast calculations thanks to using just the right amount of data

      The more data is considered in geographical applications, the more complex the calculations performed are. This leads to increased memory capacity requirements, slows down calculations and drives up costs. That is why PTV makes sure only the data needed to calculate the optimal result is being used.

  • Do you have questions?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with any questions and problems you might have.


  • Select and combine the data bundles you need

    Choose from the additional content prepared for PTV Maps to boost the performance of your logistics processes. Additional content is delivered on individual feature layers, which can be selected and prioritised or combined as needed.