• What are preferred routes?

    Preferred routes can be non-obligatory route recommendations that favour or avoid certain routes as well as either mandatory or prohibited road segments. For example, trucks with hazardous goods must drive on primary road networks only. In contrast, driving on private or unpaved road segments is not forbidden, but should be avoided as security issues may arise. On top of that, many cities direct trucks with route recommendations to avoid congestion in inner-city areas.

    PTV Preferred Routes offers several categories, ranging from mandatory, over preferred and restricted, to prohibited. These categories are set to a default setting and can be configured to the users’ own preferences.



    PTV Preferred Routes can be used with:

PTV Preferred Routes at a glance

  • Route preferences
  • Automatically include route preferences in your planning

  • Recommended routes
  • Make sure your vehicles stay on recommended routes to avoid restrictions

  • Avoid detours
  • Avoid unrecommended routes and detours

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