• What are traffic patterns?

    Traffic patterns represent the average speed driven by all vehicles on specific routes or road segments at specific times and days of the week. They show if a street network or road segment is congested regularly, for example during rush hour on a typical Monday morning.

  • What are truck traffic patterns?

    Truck traffic patterns specifically look at the average speed driven by trucks. Trucks typically do not reach the maximum or average speed driven by cars, especially on ascending roads or on highways with multiple lanes. Therefore, the average speed of all vehicles on a road is not a good representation of average truck speeds.

PTV Traffic Patterns and Truck Traffic Patterns at a glance

  • Driving times
  • Calculate realistic driving times for vehicles in general or trucks in particular

  • Departure times
  • Determine appropriate departure times for vehicles in general or trucks in particular

  • Arrival times
  • Calculate robust arrival times for vehicles in general or trucks in particular

  • How are traffic and truck traffic patterns used in PTV Logistics Software?

    By considering regularly occurring congestions as well as truck-specific speed profiles, the driving times calculated are more realistic. Hence, appropriate departure times can be determined, and robust arrival times given to customers and partners.

    The following PTV products work with truck-specific traffic patterns:

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