• PTV Visum is the most robust traffic planning software

    As a transport professional, you must balance between competing demands. Everyone in your city expects safe and accessible transportation. At the same time, you are pressured to come up with a reliable solution that is affordable and efficient. Backed by 40 years of research and development, PTV Visum is not only scientifically-proven, but the traffic planning solution also offers unlimited applications.

    • Reliable transportation planning

      Without a robust and dependable tool, strategies for multimodal transport cannot be defined. That is why you can rely on PTV Visum to provide a holistic overview of your transportation model. PTV Visum creates a digital replica of your transport system so you can understand the current issues and identify opportunities.

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    • Shaping the future of mobility

      PTV Visum is your digital playground. It is the only traffic planning software that models car, bike, and ride sharing to examine their impacts on any city. PTV Visum adapts to changes and continually innovates to help you become a smart city.

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    • Simplify public transport planning

      PTV Visum is the only professional transport modelling software that provides a highly detailed representation of the public transport system. From investing in new lines and stations to changes in timetables and fleet capacity, PTV Visum gives you a holistic overview of your plans and allows you to make informed decisions every time.

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    • Solving large-scale simulation challenges

      A larger scale model can capture traffic and transport simulation accurately but at a higher computational cost. That is why PTV Visum uses Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment that combines both microscopic and mesoscopic simulation with extremely efficient runtimes. Not only it is easy to use, but there is also no scripting required.

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