Public transport planning made easy

  • PTV Visum is the only professional traffic planning software that provides a highly detailed representation of all modes of public transport such as bus, tram, underground, taxi, rail, and train. From investing in new lines or stations to managing schedules, PTV Visum allows you to develop economically-feasible, demand and service-oriented transport services.

    • Comprehensive public transport planning tool

      Use PTV Visum to tap the full potential of public transport planning and state-of-the-art calculation methods which cover all strategic processes of traffic engineering and transport planning. Not only does the software flexibly adapts to your company’s processes, but it can also be used as a central platform for public transport authorities, transport associations, or transport operators.

    • A robust set of assignment algorithms

      PTV Visum offers a robust set of assignment algorithms to simulate passenger’s behaviour, including headway-based and timetable-based procedures. Impacts of the fare model and capacity restraints can be taken into account in both approaches.

    • Fast import & export of service data

      With our public transport planning function within PTV Visum, timetable and network data can be imported from most common systems (via interfaces from GIS and timetable information) and used for modelling the current public transport supply. All services can be displayed and edited in the public transport network and timetable editor.

Save costs where possible

  • As a service provider, you must always check the cost-effectiveness of your service. This includes a comprehensive analysis of results by the operator, line, passengers, and much more. PTV Visum provides a wide range of evaluation options and assists you in identifying potential cost savings during public transport planning.

Built with passengers in mind

  • One of the classic tasks of network and supply planning is to provide passengers with an attractive and efficient service. PTV Visum is the ideal tool for spatial and temporal planning of public transport supply. With its comprehensive analysis and public transport planning functions, weak spots can be identified and rectified. Even forecast scenarios can be analysed before any measures are implemented.

  • Your toolkit for public transport planning

    PTV Visum offers you a simple entry into public transport planning. These features are available to you all from within PTV Visum:

    • Create a network with supply and demand data
    • Model the entire public transport supply by integrating the timetable in PTV Visum via the HAFAS or DIVA interfaces or other systems
    • Analyse real passenger behaviour and split revenues
    • Verify and complete route information by checking it against the timetable
    • Graphically depict individual routes and route sections
    • Graphically display route volumes by line
    • Flexibly update survey data with count data