Real-time notification alerts with PTV Map&Guide

  • Improved driver and customer notifications should be on the top of your priority. PTV Map&Guide lets you achieve this quickly and easily with a push of a button. The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) service calculates the driving time for your driver and provides arrival time for your customers. This is done automatically so you can now spend less time on the phone talking to your drivers regarding the status of their drive and then relay the message to your customers after.


  • Increase planning security

    PTV Map&Guide supports you in the operational level and ensures that your customers are proactively informed about the estimated time of arrival and the status of their shipments. When unexpected delays occur along the route, your customer automatically receives a notification about the current delivery status and changes of the arrival time.

  • ETA reporting in four easy steps

    1. Transport manager sends planned routes from PTV Map&Guide to the driver or external subcontractor with PTV Driver App installed (available free for Android and iOS devices)
    2. The driver starts the journey and activates ETA live tracking
    3. The customer receives an email notification with a link to the ETA live tracking website
    4. Any changes or delays in the delivery and arrival time are visible immediately to both the dispatcher and customer, thus reducing unnecessary phone calls and customer escalations
  • Maximum automation level

    The combination of PTV Map&Guide and the PTV Driver app ensures the highest level of flexibility and transparency for you, your driver, and your customer. With the built-in Estimated Time of Arrival, you can detect if something goes wrong with the delivery at an early stage and provide the best solution for your customer before they even realise it.

  • Overview of all trips, in one powerful software

    PTV Map&Guide does all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Our professional ETA notification service is not only timely, but it is also easy to set up. No prior IT knowledge or additional tracking software needed. Once you start using PTV Map&Guide’s ETA service, you can see all trips in one view and check the status and ETA for each stop. Your driver can also do the same in the PTV Driver App, which gives them additional information such as delivery time slots.