PTV Optima 19 Release Highlights

  • Optima Planning API

    PTV Optima Operational Planning helps traffic managers, police departments and companies who need to execute the right tactical actions to avoid gridlocks on a network as an effect of planned events. PTV Optima Planning simulates ahead in time (e.g. the day before) the effects of planned events and potential mitigation strategies. The API is already available for most of the possible events such as road closures, traffic signals changes, capacity reduction e

  • Optima Machine Learning Forecast

    PTV Optima Machine Learning (ML) Forecast helps anyone who requires to have insights on the real time traffic information data evolution for the next 30 minutes. PTV Optima ML Forecast gives the client a measurement based forecast functionality by providing forecast only on segments where there is real time data available. ML Forecast is placed between a Data Analytics application and a traffic prediction based on traffic models. This way the client can be offered a more gradual phased functionality build up approach in terms of functionality and costs. Some of its features are:

    • Works without a model

    • Works well with daily recurring traffic events (e.g. typical rush hour highway traffic jams)

    • Quicker to deploy than a traffic prediction based on traffic models

    • ML Forecast can help Short Term Forecast and will result in a better full network propagation and prediction functionality.