Route planning considering truck attributes and truck restrictions

  • Weight restrictions on bridges, height restrictions in tunnels or driving bans for trucks – when planning routes for fleets of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), you should make sure they are allowed access to all road sections included in your planned route. Otherwise, your drivers may get stuck in too narrow streets or under too narrow bridges. Or they end up taking an unexpected detour and arrive at their destination late or even outside business hours. For more robust schedules and reliable estimated arrival times (ETAs), you should consider your vehicles’ attributes and restrictions already while planning your routes.

PTV Truck Restrictions and PTV Truck Attributes at a glance

  • Driving bans
  • Consider national or regional driving bans on weekends and holidays

  • Truck attributes
  • Match weight and size of your vehicles with road restrictions

  • Hazardous cargo
  • Identify routes inappropriate for hazardous cargo in advance

  • PTV Truck Restrictions

    • When do truck restrictions apply?

      Truck restrictions are driving bans on weekends or at national holidays mandatory by law for trucks. General driving bans differ between countries. For example: In Germany, vehicles with a weight over 7.5 tonnes or vehicles with trailers are banned from driving on Sundays and on bank holidays between midnight and 10pm. In Austria, these bans already start on Saturdays at 3 pm. Additionally, public holidays vary among countries and some holidays such as Easter, are on different dates each year.

    • Why should you use PTV Truck Restrictions?

      You can expect hefty fines, should you not comply with driving bans. Researching all national and regional driving bans and public holidays manually would take a long time. And planning routes through several countries under consideration of all these restrictions as well as finding suitable parking for your drivers to stop during resting periods would become complex quickly.

      We offer two data sets for truck restrictions that provide information on different types of bans and restrictions.  These data sets are available as additional map layers for both HERE and TomTom maps. Let us know which types of truck restrictions you need and we select the appropriate data set for you.

  • PTV Truck Attributes

    • When do truck attributes apply?

      Height, weight, cargo: Your vehicles’ attributes determine which routes they can take. For example, a heavy truck with hazardous cargo might not be able to drive on the same road as a light truck loaded with food. Restrictions based on truck attributes are diverse. They are typically grouped into four categories.

      • Hard restrictions indicate physical limitations of a road such as maximum height, weight or width
      • Strict legal limitations apply to vehicles with a certain cargo such as hazardous goods
      • Soft restrictions refer to limitations that apply under certain circumstances, for example inner-city areas that may only be entered for pickup or delivery
      • Time-dependent restrictions such as night bans close to hospitals
  • Do you have questions?

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