• Why does road network data matter?

    Road network data is at the heart of every transportation model: To produce reliable results with your model, you need to work with high-quality map data. With accurate and comprehensive road network data that is up-to-date and ready-to-use for PTV software applications you save time and reduce effort.

PTV Road Network Data at a glance

  • Map data
  • High-quality map data based on HERE, TomTom or OpenStreetMap

  • Transportation Model
  • Your basis for building a reliable transportation model

  • Ready-to-use
  • Ready-to-use in PTV Vision Traffic products

  • PTV Road Network Data

    PTV Group provides road network data that is fit-for-purpose in PTV Vision Traffic products as well as tailored to your individual needs. The maps are based on high-quality commercial maps provided by HERE or TomTom or the freely available alternative OpenStreetMap. We refine these maps and equip them with additional content.

  • A layer with Points of Interest (POIs) and land use data is part of the delivery. On top of that, we can provide additional information like historical speed data also transferred into a ready-to-use format as link attribute.

  • The result is road network data that is editable and can be adapted to individual requirements. It is fully routable, so it can be used to identify transport demand. Thanks to the consistency across PTV Vision Traffic products, traffic models developed in one solution can be easily exported to any other PTV Vision Traffic solution you may license.

Your benefits

    • Focus on planning tasks thanks to ready-for-use map data

      There is no need to transform or import the map data before you can start working with PTV Visum. The map material is custom-built for you by the PTV experts and suitable for immediate use with PTV Visum. The up-to-date, pre-attributed maps, tailored to your individual requirements, save time-consuming data research and network modelling, giving you more time to dedicate to planning-based tasks.

    • Smooth data export to PTV Vissim and any other PTV Vision software solution

      The consistency across the range of PTV Vision Traffic products means that traffic models developed in one tool can be exported to another. For example, the strategic PTV Visum road network can be exported to PTV Vissim without data loss, allowing you to carry out more detailed analyses using simulations.

  • Do you have questions?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with any questions and problems you might have.