• As a microscopic software for pedestrian and crowd simulation, PTV Viswalk is particularly well-suited for urban and construction planning, pedestrian safety planning, evacuation measures, integrated transport planning, and numerous other applications aimed at ensuring a smooth flow of pedestrians.

  • Planning for the future

    Simulate the human walking behaviour realistically to prepare your new infrastructure for the future. Whether you are building a new facility within an existing building, an airport, a stadium, a shopping mall, or even a temporary venue for events and festivals, PTV Viswalk can represent crowd in a simulation to the finest detail. You can assess and analyse the crowd interaction inside and outside of the infrastructure, for any possible situations such as:

    • Simulate spill-out after the end of a festival or similar event, possibly towards public transport infrastructures such as trains or buses
    • Simulate ingress to a festival or similar event
    • Simulate circulation at a festival or similar event (e.g. half-time break dynamics in a soccer stadium)

    Using crowd simulation, you can analyse capacity and use space efficiently. PTV Viswalk helps you to avoid bottlenecks and remove possible spatial barriers when planning new buildings and assessing the current condition of existing space. Moreover, the software allows you to compare costs and efforts for alternative planning. PTV Viswalk ensures you make maximum use of available floor or space when designing large buildings.


  • Evacuation and safety analysis

    Crowd safety is of paramount concern, especially in public places. PTV Viswalk assists you in taking numerous structural and organisational measures aimed to reduce and control the unmanageable behaviour of people in emergency situations.

    • Analyse potential danger and plan ingress and egress flow in buildings, stadiums and other facilities to ensure safe crowd exits
    • Model escape routes and evacuation scenarios in high-rise buildings as well as tunnels
    • Simulate emergency egress from a station
    • Simulate emergency egress from a road tunnel
  • Daily operation management

    Crowd simulation can also be used to manage the day to day operations in high traffic locations such as railway stations or airports. It is a highly demanding task, which is why PTV Viswalk can support the management by using our state-of-the-art data analysis and planning of crowd dynamics.

    • Simulate the normal operation of a station yet to be built
    • Simulate the normal operation of a station that is to undergo restructuring
    • Simulate the operation of a station during various stages of restructuring work
    • Simulate far beyond normal demand operations of a station (e.g. due to a large event in the neighbourhood)


    To get an idea on how PTV Viswalk works, check out some of our references.