• PTV Vissim is the standard traffic and transport planning tool

    From public authorities to engineering consultants, OEMs and researchers, PTV Vissim helps you understand the status quo, identify the problem and select the right course of action. You need a reliable transportation planning tool and our professional software supports you to make decisions confidently and implement solutions successfully.

Discover the world of PTV Vissim

    • Your Digital Playground

      Create a digital replica of junctions and corridors in your city so you can identify and understand congestion issues. PTV Vissim provides support to help you optimise solutions before real-world implementation, thus saving unnecessary construction costs and minimising risks.

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    • Next-Level Simulation

      No other microscopic simulation software in the world comparable to PTV Vissim. Our software not only represents all modes of transport and simulate their interactions, but it can be customised to local behaviour for absolute realistic results.

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    • Immersive VR Experience

      PTV Vissim enables you to interact with the simulation in a virtual reality environment, whilst still representing realistic traffic flow. Through the software’s capability to simulate all modes of transport, depicting their very own motion characteristics and their mutual interaction, you can immerse yourself in the simulation environment and interact freely with other agents.

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    • Detect, Plan, Control

      Model and simulate all operational interventions and assess their effect on the overall traffic flow. PTV Vissim assists you in maximising the capacity of your existing infrastructure presented in highly customisable graphics and stunning visual representation of data.

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    • Always Ready for the Future

      The growth of connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) around the world can benefit cities and their public transportation systems. With PTV Vissim, you can demonstrate what the impacts of AVs to cities, are and understand how they interact with regular traffic.

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