• For smart cities and smart roads

    Cutting-edge integrated traffic management systems provide quicker reactive measures to reduce the impact of congestion and accidents. With PTV Vissim, you can replicate a wide range of advanced traffic management systems to increase traffic flow, road safety and secure road travel.

    Advanced Traffic Management Systems can be installed in both motorway and urban environments to increase and maintain transportation capacity through the more efficient use of existing infrastructure. Using PTV Vissim, you can model all operational interventions and assess their effect on overall traffic flow.

  • Further applications of ATMS in PTV Vissim

    • Lane control systems, for example traffic-actuated speed limits, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) lanes or traffic jam warnings can be represented and analysed in PTV Vissim.
    • Variable speed control is used to harmonise individual vehicle speeds and control overtaking activity to keep traffic flow fluent at times with high traffic volumes.
    • Variable Message Signs (VMS) to warn drivers from possibly hazardous conditions (incidents, congestion, heavy rain, fog etc.) and advise of route choices due to incidents can also be simulated. Both traffic-actuated and pre-timed variable message signs with varying degrees of compliance can be simulated at motorway junctions.
    • Simulate temporary hard shoulder running to provide additional capacity during peak traffic demand.
    • Ramp metering, where managing the admission of traffic at on-ramps when congestion forms in the main lane may be an appropriate strategy to reduce delay. Test different control algorithms and identify the best approach and optimal threshold values in our traffic simulation software.
    • Managed lanes are used to dedicate a transportation subgroup of all vehicles travelling on a freeway section. Typical subgroups are High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and vehicles that pay to use the dedicated lane High Occupancy and Toll (HOT). Dynamic toll prices and the effect on traffic routing can be simulated and evaluated.