PTV Vistro’s Smart Scenario Management: Organize Your Next Traffic Impact Study

  • Take full advantage of PTV Vistro’s smart scenario and mitigation management system to organize countless iterations that your traffic impact study (TIS) generates.


    3-Ring Binder of the Future

    Back in the day of paper and pen, traffic impact studies (TIS) were usually filed in 3-ring binders, using lots of dividers and tabs, and requiring a ton of calculation hours – along with a healthy supply of white out and erasers. These studies are notorious for racking up a plethora of existing and horizon-year volume scenarios and peak periods, each with a range of future build-out concepts and potential mitigations and tests. Fast-forward to today, PTV Vistro’s smartly designed Scenario and Mitigation management system’s style is deeply-rooted from the old-school filing procedures of the paper-centric yesteryear, yet enhanced with the benefits of strong traffic assignment and distribution tools, automated traffic figure creation, and reporting features.


    Piggyback to the base model

    Light tables, anyone? Remember, that design shop relic that allowed you to place a scroll plot of an existing drawing on a light panel and then stick on a conceptual design section on top. By using low tech 2D augmented-reality (a.k.a. light shining through the paper), this age-old technique could bring your future scenarios to life. Then there was that photocopy a figure trick and changing the traffic volumes with whiteout. Again, using proven methods from the past, PTV Vistro’s Scenario Management seamlessly handles geometric and data changes much the same. How does it work?

    1. You simply create your base scenario from your existing conditions;
    2. Click a button to create a new dependent scenario;
    3. Each geometry and data change made to the new scenario is recorded in Vistro file; and
    4. All unaltered items are still tied to the base scenario.

    Did you forget to add something critical across all scenarios, such as a new intersection? With our system, Vistro automatically updates unaltered base elements across all scenarios, making edits to items, such as volumes, signal timings, and geometry a breeze; thus, reducing efforts to update multiple subfiles manually. This smart implementation reduces your rework and errors and increasing your overall efficiency and study quality. And, unlike other software solutions available, PTV Vistro can manage an unlimited number of Scenarios all in 1 file, much like that 3-ring binder!

Many uses of scenarios

  • With such capabilities, all users, including agencies can greatly benefit from Scenario Management. The public sector can use scenarios as a database to retain a log of yearly peak-hour traffic counts, record signal timing program patterns, or use scenarios to analyze impacts and create timing plans for local events and detours. Need to share a piece of your database? Each scenario can be exported as a new PTV Vistro file, which enhances sharing capabilities with consultants and clients.


    Mitigation mode is your sandbox of ideas

    In addition to the powerful Scenario Management, each intersection includes up to 99 unique mitigations in Mitigation mode, which operates like a virtual sandbox to test intersection configurations, timings, volume adjustments, and much more. What’s great about this system is that the mitigations are all meticulously organized for each intersection via tab layout and current mitigation results reference the unmitigated measure of effectiveness summaries. These mitigations results can be called upon at any time, either printed individually or in batch, serving as your documentation of the trials conducted to find that perfect solution.

  • Time-tested principals

    Why would you use other software tools that make you keep track numerous unbound study files, make tedious repetitive updates in each file, and manually assemble reports? Today, whiteout, 3-ring binders, and light tables are probably not part of your everyday modern workflow; however, these time-tested principals should not be ignored. PTV Vistro pays homage to these traditions – and our modern graphical-user interface and Scenario and Mitigation management tools make PTV Vistro a high-tech binder on hyperdrive, specifically engineered to optimize your TIS experience.

About the Author
  • Adam Lynch

    Adam is Senior Product Manager for PTV Vistro and a Certified Trainer at PTV Group. He has extensive industry experience as a Traffic Engineer/Planner using PTV Vistro for Traffic Impact Studies and Traffic Operations projects.  Connect with Adam on LinkedIn, or join the PTV Vistro LinkedIn Forum to learn more about PTV Vistro.