• Short description

    In this course we show you the options available in PTV Vissim to model complex parking situations and the related vehicle behaviour. We explore different parking techniques along with the interaction of parking vehicles as well as parking structures with public transport and other general traffic. In practice examples you will learn how to model multi-level parking and huge car parks.

    We will also discuss advanced parking options that go beyond PTV Vissim using the built-in COM interface to program own tools.

    Please note: the use of the COM interface in this course is limited to parking related usage. To learn more about the COM functionalities, we recommend our course “PTV Vissim - Extending capabilities using the COM interface” (TR-T0205)

  • Course Level


  • Target Group

    Experienced Vissim users who want to understand how to model complex parking scenarios in PTV Vissim.

  • Duration

    1 Day

    Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.

  • Contents

    • Setting up a model including parking lots
    • Link-based flows vs Dynamic Assignment
    • Parking techniques
    • Parking lot routing decisions
    • Interaction of on-street parking vehicles with general traffic and public transport vehicles
    • Introduction to the COM interface to demonstrate how to build sophisticated parking options:
      • signs showing number of available spaces
      • signal head barrier at the entrance/exit
      • automated vehicle parking elevator system
      • Key performance Indicators (KPI) from a model

    • Multi-level parking
    • Modelling large car parks
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