Calculate precise toll costs for your route based on exact data

  • PTV Toll Data includes information on both route-related toll costs and special toll fees.

    • Route-related toll costs: The data set provides information on the location of toll booths or toll systems such as Toll Collect in Germany.
    • Special toll fees: PTV Toll Data also offers information on special toll fees like cities, bridges or tunnels.
  • Based on the data, the software calculates the exact toll costs per vehicle and country. Future toll cost increases are stored in the system so that the toll cost for trips taking place in the future is also calculated correctly.

    Toll data is available for PTV Logistics Software:

PTV Toll Data at a glance

  • Global coverage
  • PTV Toll Data can be added to PTV Maps in Europe, Australia and the United States

  • Exact toll costs
  • PTV Toll Data enables you to calculate exact toll costs

  • Lower transportation costs
  • PTV Toll Data enables you to avoid toll costs, thereby saving transport costs

Use exact toll costs to optimise management of transportation cost

    • Avoid toll costs

      Do you want to avoid all toll roads regardless of how high the charged fees are? Almost all PTV Maps worldwide come with “toll flags” marking road segments that charge toll fees.

  • Sources, coverage and updates

    For Europe, Australia, and North America, we collect toll data from different sources – toll providers and the press among others – and merge it it into a homogenous and easy-to-use format. Updates are included on a regular basis with map releases. Significant toll changes are provided immediately.

  • Do you have questions?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with any questions and problems you might have.