• What is real-time traffic data used for?

    Is traffic flowing smoothly through your network or is congestion building up somewhere? Did an incident just occur that might impact traffic conditions? Real-time traffic data based on floating car data provides valuable insights into live traffic. Use PTV Optima to forecast traffic conditions for the next 30 or 60 minutes based on the current situation. This combination of real-time traffic information and forecast capabilities enables traffic management centres to derive measures to mitigate congestion and manage traffic optimally.

Real-time traffic data at a glance

  • Data by HERE, INRIX & TomTom
  • Exclusive access to comprehensive and up-to-date real-time traffic data by HERE, INRIX and TomTom

  • Live traffic conditions
  • Valuable insights into live traffic conditions in your road network

  • Predict the future
  • Use traffic data to create forecasts of future traffic conditions with PTV Optima

  • Real-time traffic data

    Thanks to our partnerships with the leading data providers HERE, INRIX and TomTom, we can provide our users with access to precise GPS-based and dense real-time information for almost 70 countries. This data includes not only live traffic speeds but also incident information, like accidents and recent roadworks. With PTV Optima, this data additionally can be fused with external data sources such as real-time traffic counts or signal controls. We offer map-matched data, ready-for-purpose to give users a coherent and comprehensive picture of the current traffic situation. Starting from there, we can calculate short-term forecasts with the model-based approach of PTV Optima.

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