PTV Validate

  • Creating a local or regional transport model is time-consuming and expensive. Yet, a comprehensive and up-to-date transportation model is necessary for traffic studies and analyses. And it is essential to evaluate the impact of infrastructure projects.

    Validate offers a time- and cost-effective alternative. Validate is the largest, ready-to-use transport model available. It covers all of Germany’s main road network, is fully calibrated, continuously updated and provides both car and truck volumes. It gives you access to all the information you need from a transportation model – without the expenses and time required to custom-build your individual model.

    Use Validate as a base to create your regional or local model, deploy its prognosis capabilities for traffic studies and investigate the impact of new infrastructure projects.


Use PTV Validate as basis for regional and local transportation models

PTV Validate at a glance

  • Full access, low investment
  • Access to extensive transportation model without costly and time-consuming modelling

  • Traffic volume data
  • Rely on traffic volume data tried and tested in many projects

  • Location analysis
  • Analyse the accessibility of locations based on route information of every trip in Germany

Use cases

    • Create detailed models quickly at a low cost

      Base regional or local transportation models of your road network on data supplied by the National Transportation Model Validate. Validate provides information on traffic origin, destination and flow. Hence, it minimises the need to conduct costly surveys and enables traffic planners to focus on their core tasks.

    • Evaluate the impact of new infrastructure projects

      Thanks to its far-reaching mass traffic data and its ability to make forecasts, Validate is the perfect tool to analyse and evaluate the impact of traffic measures or infrastructural projects. For example, it allows you to predict the revenue of implementing or increasing a toll fee before making a decision.

    • Conduct environmental studies

      Validate provides information on traffic flows as well as congestion. Therefore, it is a good foundation for environmental analyses and enables you to map noise and emissions.

    • Identify and evaluate ideal locations for new residential or industrial areas

      Analyse both the accessibility and the impact on traffic conditions of large-scale developments and construction projects such as sports stadiums, factories or stores that attract lots of customers and evaluate the potential of advertising sites and shops.

      This is possible because the model doesn't just provide information about the number of vehicles passing through a location. It also shows where these vehicles come from, where they go and which route they take.

    • Find the best locations for electric vehicle charging stations

      As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, the demand for e-charging stations is also growing. Validate in combination with the traffic planning software PTV Visum enables decision makers to rate all possible locations for e-charging stations. It considers not only the traffic volumes, but also the origin, destination and route of every passing car, and checks if there are already other charging stations along the route where people could recharge during longer trips. Where in the state of Hessen should e-charging stations be opened to minimise range anxiety and encourage EV sales? Read more about an analysis done to answer this question here.

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