• Future mobility is under control

    Operational planning is always a challenge, with the need to avoid congestion, allow for traffic growth, and meet the requirements of budgets and the city’s environment. As the future of mobility is gearing towards electric and autonomous vehicles, transport planners are pressured to adapt and make the necessary changes.

Setting the ideal future mobility ecosystem

  • The future of mobility is not just about vehicles. It is about encouraging the right number of vehicles on the road. Using data intelligently and implementing smart software such as PTV Visum to model and simulate multimodal systems are indispensable. To successfully manage the shift from car ownership to consumption models that are seamlessly integrated into a city’s mobility mix to supplement public transport, this requires strong partnerships between technology companies, car manufacturers and cities as well as municipalities. Having talked to policymakers and automobile companies alike, PTV Group is the leader in shaping the future of mobility. We bring private and public sector together and consult them on topics and trends about the future of transportation.

Electric and autonomous vehicles

  • When integrating autonomous vehicles into an existing network, their impacts must be considered as everything on the road network has a direct influence on traffic flow and capacity. Electric vehicles, and especially autonomous vehicles can have far-reaching economic consequences and be unforgiving when subjected to real-world testing. Therefore, PTV Visum is the most crucial traffic planning software available to minimise real-world risks and to have the future of mobility under control.

Modelling a ridesharing marketplace

  • PTV Visum provides a digital playground for you to make informed and confident decisions, backed up by over 40 years of research and development. Ridesharing is difficult to model because it involves the interaction of humans and vehicles, all making decisions individually, but also depending on each other in complex ways. Our traffic planning software is the only platform in the world to model vehicle and ride sharing. We give you the freedom to experiment, and the ability to optimise accurate ridesharing models. That is why you can rely on our traffic planning software that provides you with continuous innovation to prepare you for future mobility in road traffic planning and engineering.