• Change the way you experience your traffic world

    When working with VR traffic simulation, there is no better software to use than PTV Vissim. By using our microscopic traffic software, you can leverage the benefits of both virtual reality technology and our microscopic traffic simulation. PTV Vissim allows for immersive interaction with all other agents in a traffic simulation within the wider context of still representing realistic traffic flow.

  • Taking your simulation to a whole new level

    In VR, you can bring your simulated traffic environment to life. Interact however you want as PTV Vissim enhances your VR experience through natural interactions. You can also use our VR traffic simulation in different ways:

    • VR for driver training, providing realistic traffic situations for any environment
    • Use VR for research, autonomous vehicles for human, and hardware in the loop testing
    • VR traffic simulation can be used for public consultation to present what a new urban traffic and infrastructure design could look like
  • Finding new ways to collaborate

    In virtual reality environments, you can test existing urban traffic design, as well as your ideal traffic world without the need to build the actual more expensive and time-consuming infrastructure. Simply model the existing or future design in PTV Vissim and experience it the same way you would in the real world. With our VR traffic simulation in the PTV Vissim software, you can also get insights into how other people interact with your old and new traffic simulation world. You can then also receive immediate feedback and actionable insights.