PTV Vissim 2020 Release Highlights

Get ahead of traffic with new features and improvements

    • PTV Vissim 2020 succeeds the previous software version PTV Vissim 11. Among the many new features are 3D building shapes, simulations of connected driving (platooning), and simpler ways to include parking spaces and driver errors.

      Check out the "What's New Document" to learn more about all new features.

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Simulate connected driving (platooning)

    • Platooning - groups of connected vehicles traveling closely together - is increasingly becoming a factor in traffic planning. A new feature of PTV Vissim 2020 allows you to model the effects of platooning on overall traffic.

Car Park Creator

    • It´s now simpler to simulate of multiple parking spaces, by generating links, connectors, routing decision & routes
    • Most priority rules replaced by specific blockage
    • Much better performance of this feature

Major flow definition

    • In PTV Vissim 2020, it’s easy to define multiple conflict areas at intersections, using a single icon in the toolbar
    • Select start/end of major flow and nodes for conflict area locations
    • Conflict areas within the selected nodes are set automatically

Built-In controller types for simple actuated signals

    • Use new signal controller types to allow simple traffic-actuated signal control without programming
    • All required network objects can be created with a single click
    • Conflict areas are automatically created to protect unexpectedly slow pedestrians

3D visualization of buildings

    • Improve the visualization of your project with the new 3D tool of PTV Vissim 2020

Driving errors

    • Simulate driving errors, including over speeding, lack of attention, distraction and speed misestimation