Holistic approach to city planning with Urban Strategy powered by PTV Visum

From small area to large metropolitan, Urban Strategy powered by PTV Visum offers a complete package to balance the urban sustainable trinity that consists of Urban Planning, Environmental Quality and Transportation.

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    Integrated Tool

    The use of Urban Strategy with PTV Visum offers a holistic, shareable view on interrelated impacts. It allows you to compare different scenarios to determine the next course of action.

    Powerful Visualization

    2D and 3D visualization of effects of urban design choice makes it intuitive to extract information. Together with visualization of Key Performance Indicators, they help to provide insights and effectiveness of measures to achieve sustainable developments of cities.

    Real-time Results

    The tool makes use of massive parallelization of calculations, thus more simulations can be run in the same timeframe, while feedback can be provided in real-time. This makes complex challenges look easy and is a vast improvement from the traditional method where it takes days or weeks to generate results.

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Urban Strategy is an instrument for integrated Urban Planning to provide a holistic view of cities. This allows them to balance between Urban Planning, Mobility Planning and Environmental Quality. Thanks to the comprehensive interface, Urban Strategy can be used to involve different stakeholders on all levels of decision making, including citizens.

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PTV Visum brings trusted multimodal modelling of the transport system with instantaneous calculation of the impacts on various environmental aspects. PTV Visum has, for over three decades, provided cities and governments around the world with a powerful tool to support strategic and operational decision making for the entire transport system.

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