• Short Description

    During this two-day course you will be introduced to microscopic traffic flow simulation with PTV Vissim. You will get to know the extensive functions of PTV Vissim and learn their application using practical examples.

    In our introductory day, you will learn the basic functionality of PTV Vissim. At the end of the day you will be able to build small network models independently and perform initial evaluations.

    On the second day, you will learn how to conduct high quality traffic studies much more efficiently using the microscopic simulation software PTV Vissim. You will get to know how the different calibrations of a traffic model are carried out and which factors must be considered.

    We offer a one-day basic add-on course "PTV Vissim – Scenario-Management, Evaluations and Visualization of Traffic Models" (TR-T0207) to deeper explore the above topics and to learn additional features of PTV Vissim.

  • Course Level


  • Target Group

    PTV Vissim beginners as well as traffic engineers from cities and engineering firms that want to work on their projects at state-of-the-art level and efficiency.

  • Prerequisites

    No prerequisites.

  • Duration

    2 Days

    Due to organizational and local conditions, the duration of the course may vary. Please note the details of your chosen course date before booking.

  • Contents

    Day 1:

    • Objectives and tasks of microscopic simulations
    • Modelling of the transport supply side on the open road and at intersections (priority rules and signal control)
    • Modelling of the traffic demand with input flows and route
    • Overview of public transport line modelling


    Day 2:

    • Tasks involved in traffic studies with microscopic simulation
    • Required input data for supply and demand modelling
    • Overview of the empirical data which can be used for calibration
    • Calibrating a PTV Vissim model
    • Introduction to Evaluation of a transport network/model
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