• We are pleased about a comprehensive and dynamic partner landscape. The extensive network includes industry leaders and representatives from the areas of logistics software, telematics services, master data management, sales staff and service technician planning, product resellers and system and consulting companies. Become part of our community.

Our Partners

  • Abat AG is an international SAP service and product provider, focusing on the automotive, discrete manufacturing and the logistics sectors. With more than 400 employees in Germany, Belarus, Mexico and the USA, the company, which was founded in 1998 as an act GmbH and was renamed abat AG in 2001, generates annual sales of over 40 million euros.


  • AEB is a corporation for the development of industrial software, Swabian understatement with global ambitions, openness to customers, partners and employees - and a philosophy that has very practical implications. These are the conditions under which AEB has successfully operated for almost 30 years.
    With more than 999 installations of the product series ASSIST4, ATC :: and XPRESS, AEB is among the leading software providers in the area of shipping, logistics and foreign trade. Expert advice on SCM, customs clearance, organisational planning, compliance and risk management are not secondary activities - they are key factors for the success and value-added services for customers of AEB.


  • Optimal logistics processes right up to the vehicle 

    AIS develops comprehensive IT solutions for end-to-end real-time data exchange between vehicles of logistics companies, in-house systems (ERP, transport or waste management) and customers - for reliable and cost-saving mobile management of transport tasks. 

    The telematics complete solution includes software modules like digital task management, vehicle location, navigation, data evaluation and much more. Whether it's robust industry scanners, widely-available Android tablets or smartphones - a wide range of hardware, including 24/7 service, training and advice, completes the AIS product portfolio. 

    Directly to the provider: AIS

  • AKANEA Développement has been producing software packages for over 25 years, and offers management solutions for firms in two areas of activity – the agri-food sector and supply-chain companies: manufacturers, national and international transport, customs and logistics companies. With more than 1,200 clients and 16,000 users, AKANEA Développement stands out due to the functional fertility of its solutions, its ability to equip very small firms as well as international groups and the constant innovation of its software packages.

    AKANEA Développement had a turnover of 17.5 million euros in 2013 and has a payroll of 160 people in three sites, Paris, Lyon and Toulouse, and several technical and marketing centres in different regions of France (Brittany, Normandy, Picardy and Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur) for proximity to clients.


  • AlyaCom is an innovative company specialising in mobile remote management and web service technologies for professional mobile teams (consultants, mobile medical and paramedical teams, technical teams, etc.).

    AlyaCom provides mobile remote management applications tailored to many different business lines – services for individuals, healthcare assistants, paramedical and medical care, delivery, technicians.

    The innovations include mapping systems and round planning that operate in real time with the mobile remote management.

    The mobile remote management systems have advanced functions: dynamic planning, automatic reporting, geo-applications, real-time messaging, traceability using NFC or QR codes, security.

    Thanks to the new mobile solutions for remote health management and remote monitoring, chronic patients and people recently discharged from hospital can be followed at home.


  • As software developers, AndSoft has focused its efforts on facilitating, optimising and improving productivity and competitiveness of transport companies and logistics operators since 1996. Their e-TMS® and global ERP for the management of companies in the goods transportation sector, in all its forms, has been and is the trendsetter among the sector's web solutions. With locations in 14 European countries, the software now has more than 4,000 users among their clients and is responsible for coordinating, managing, planning and analysing more than 15,000 vehicles by integrating with many of the major geolocation companies in the market.


  • With ASS_Mobile Service, ass.tec provides a platform for mobile business. Specifically designed for the mobile service field, ASS_Mobile Service offers the most technologically advanced platform for mobile business process scenarios (after sales and maintenance).
    The solution is specifically designed for integration with SAP® ERP and CRM, but can also be connected to other non-SAP® back-end systems. As a stand-alone solution even without ERP integration, ASS_Mobile Service supports active service operation after only a few days.


  • ATHOS has developed and implemented IT processes for virtually all tasks and application requirements for municipal and private waste and waste management since 1986. ATHOS provides the market with two product lines with different application priorities, which can be used independently or coupled as needed.


  • Marktleider met jarenlange ervaring in software en services voor logistiek en transport BluJay optimaliseert de toekomst van uw bedrijf rekening houdend met veranderingen in de wereldeconomie. Transformeren we u in een superheld? Daar komt het wel op neer. Stelt u zich eens voor dat u door een strakblauwe lucht vliegt met een leger van 40.000 vervoerders en supply chain-partners aan stuwkracht. U bundelt uw krachten met die van 7500 andere helden (inderdaad, onze klanten) in meer dan 100 landen. Uw missie is het Global Trade Network van de toekomst creëren en af te stappen van de traditionele supply chain. Wij werken hier samen met u aan. Onze oplossingen zijn essentieel voor het verbeteren van uw efficiëntie, het minimaliseren van risico’s en het verzilveren van kansen voor rendabele groei.

    Als u samenwerkt met BluJay kijgt u de beschikking over een groot Global Trade Network, een rijk portfolio aan cloudapplicaties, zorgeloze douaneafhandeling, realtime data-analyses, plus supply chain visibility voor snelle aanpassingen. Onze beproefde, geavanceerde technologie is schaalbaar naar uw bedrijfsbehoeften. Ons klantgerichte team heeft de expertise en passie om uw bedrijf naar nieuwe hoogten te kunnen laten stijgen.


  • BNS provides a logistics software and transportation management system developed especially to help you excel. `Enabling excellence´ stands for BNS` defined will to help logistics companies perform excellently.

    BNS provides the integrated software solution that optimally combines all information processes in your company and makes them transparent. Not only transportation management systems, but also warehouse management – BNS always have the right solution for you. The BNS corporation is a pioneer for several technical innovations and the inventor of on-screen disposition. 

    BNS have been in the logistics industry for more than 20 years and therefore know the requirements of information management. The BNS-Team knows that customers are involved in a market which is continuously becoming more competitive and where the main skills are speed, reliability and price transparency. This is exactly the focus of BNS transportation management system and logistics software.


  • For more than 20 years, C-Informationssysteme GmbH in Wurzen (Saxony) has stood for high-performance software products in transport and logistics. C-Logistic and C-Sped are software solutions of the company that have proven themselves in many well-known companies.
    C-Logistic is the central logistics software for transportation management, route planning, fleet management and warehousing. The integration of complementary solutions and a variety of communication with external systems increase the high performance of the complete system. In addition to a high demand for technical progress, equal attention is paid to the user's perspective as well as high reliability.
    Close and long-term partnerships with users and educational institutions form the basis for practical product development. The wide range of application and benefits achieved for customers is simultaneously the driving force for the continuous development of our company.


  • As independent systems supplier, c-trace provides integrated concepts for the waste disposal industry. This includes developing and implementing systems for identifying and weighing waste disposal vehicles together with modular software solutions for managing customer master data and the emptying of bins as well as for calculating tariffs.

    The c-trace software applications use PTV map material to display the emptying of bins, bin locations, waste disposal routes and vehicle data (FMS) by means of GPS coordinates. In addition, the PTV tools are implemented for planning and optimising  waste disposal trips.

    The company's range of services also includes distributing bins, project support for municipal waste management, ASP solutions, after-sales service and hotline support.

    Clients of c-trace benefit from tailor-made solutions and comprehensive support throughout all phases of their projects.


  • For more than 10 years, CAPcargo has been pursuing the notion that the seamless integration of a software solution for the transport and logistics industry within an ERP environment creates tangible benefits. ERP for the logistics industry is a thorough conviction for the company. In the meantime, it has proved this with the fourth major release under Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Driven by technical excellence, CAPcargo realizes client and market requirements in products and projects to the very end. The profound understanding of processes in the logistics industry and the economic context of a client business are essential pillars in this respect.

    The evaluation, procurement and implementation of a new software solution is a fundamental investment for many years. Along this journey, they support their clients with a long-term mindset. Their virtues are honest communication, continuity, openness and flexibility wrapped up with a good deal of perseverance are the backbone to work out the best solution for every customer.


  • With the logistic software cargo support dispo the software and It systems house cargo support especially aims at services, industrial and commercial companies, who understand the transport of goods as a strategic task. From quotation over disposition to billing, the transport management system cargo support dispo continuously supports the entire process. The basic software is also available as a specific solution for heavy duty, container and regular services and can be extended with modules. cargo support cost accounting shows, when a job becomes profitable, cargo support archive facilitates document management, cargo support route planning optimizes tour planning and checks the fleet status. cargo support tacho makes archiving and evaluating driver data easy and cargo support mobil improves the communication with the driver. With MAXFLEX cargo support provides a reasonable priced rental variant of its proven software solution cargo support dispo.


  • loglevel GmbH from Würzburg develops, operates and markets the logistics platform cargorent. cargorent has been on the market since 2002 as the leading cloud solution for German small and medium-sized businesses. cargorent's applications are generally oriented towards the haulage and transport sector, KEP service providers, contract and storage logistics providers and trade and production. 

    As well as telematics applications, the cargorent family's product range includes solutions for cargo handling companies, air security processes and a lean storage management application. cargorent's mobile applications rely consistently on combining cloud technology and mobile communications. 

    The focus of the applications is on optimising mobile processes and workflows. The information-based networking of contractors and customers is the target end point for IT - cargorent is already solving the issue with logistics platforms from the cloud. 

    Directly to the provider: cargorent

  • ClickSoftware is the market leader in automated workforce management and optimisation solutions for service companies of all sizes. The solution portfolio is available as on-demand and on-premise models and increases the corporate value of service organisations through increased productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as improved operational efficiency. The patented concept of 'continuous planning and operational coordination' takes into account the forecasting of customer demand, short-term and long-term capacity planning, shift planning, real-time scheduling, mobility and location-based services, as well as on-going communication with the customers on the expected arrival time of service employees.


  • CofiSoft has been designing, editing and marketing management solutions since 1977.

    ACS is a management solution targeted at the road freight transport sector which aims, above all, to improve productivity and profit margins.

    Simple and ergonomic, ACS adapts to suit the companies which adopt it and the whole range of professions within the road transport sector. It is suitable both for SMEs and micro-enterprises.

    More than 2,000 companies use the ACS range, 38% of CofiSoft's profits are invested in R&D, 65,000 transport invoices are edited each month with ACS TRANS, 18,000 payslips or payslip annexes are created monthly using ACS DISK & ACS PAIE, 6,000 drivers receive orders to their on-board computer systems from ACS PLANNING.

    Above all, CofiSoft is a team of transport management specialists, there to help our users.


  • Founded in 1978, Computer Steiner GmbH was one of the first computer and hardware dealers in Austria. At that time, we also started developing software solutions for different branches. After a short period of time, we were able to offer software for almost 20 different branches. Out of this wide portfolio, we have specialised in the following two industries over the years, which we serve very successfully today:

    • Transport & Logistics
    • Bus Tour Operators & Touristic Organisations

    Our software is designed on a modular base, which means that even the basic version offers a wide range of functions needed in daily business. Of course, the software can be upgraded by both – standard modules and individual-made enhancements, which fit especially fit your company’s needs. Your investment for the future – individual performance for your business. Our customised software solutions are designed to meet your individual needs and grow with your business.

    www.computer-steiner.com (DE)

  • The COS GmbH is a software and consulting company with high-performance IT solutions for logistics, fleet maintenance and workshops. The focus here is route planning, scheduling, logistics controlling, telematics solutions as well as modern depot management.
    The 32 consultants, software developers and service staff of COS are committed to about 740 customers in the areas of transportation, industry, retail, services, public administration and public transport.


  • The CSD Management Consulting GmbH has successfully specialized in software consulting and outsourcing services in the areas of e-business, e-commerce and client/server solutions.

    In addition to implementing turnkey software, CSD provides a variety of services ranging from consulting and analysis to design and software maintenance and various levels of support - individually tailored service for each customer.
    The TransWare0ne® transport management system is a standard software package for carriers, shippers, retailers and manufacturing businesses, which includes all logistics and transport activities.
    In 2007, the service offering of the CSD business group impressed the jury of the Schenker Innovation Award enough to declare it first place.